New Kid (l.h/m.c.)

'Problem Child' meets his match


10. New Kid Goes Home

Chapter Ten "New Kids Goes Home" 
After a few more songs, such as 'King For a Day" and  "Crown of Thorns", the teacher came back and dismissed us. Michael and I said quick goodbyes, but looked in each others eyes for a few moments before he through his hood on and I put both earbuds in, and walked out the door. 
   I stood at the corner of the street wait for my mum to come. She comes a few moments later, with a smile on her face.
"Hey, Luke! How was your day? I mean, other than getting detention." She teased. 
"It was...... Ya know mum? It was wonderful." I said with a bit of blush in my cheeks. Luckily, I don't think she noticed.
"Wait what?? It was wonderful?? This is coming from the guy who was oh, so worried about it, and thought he was going to die?!?" My mum teased me even more. 
"Yeah...." I laughed a bit.
"We'll, good. I'm glad it's going well. Did you meet anyone? Make any friends, make any enemies?"
"No, mum. I spent the WHOLE day without making any human contact."
"Haha, but seriously, I wanna know if there's something I can help with. I don't want this whole mess to ruin your life more than it needs to."
"Yeah, I met this kid named Ashton, he's nice."
"Anyone else.... ?" She nudges, "Anyone...special?" Then proceeds to wiggle her eyebrows.
"Well....there was this one guy...." 
"REALLY?!? AW MY LUKEY HAZ A CWUSHHHH! Tell me all about him!!" 
I shake my head, glad no one could here her...hopefully. 
"His name's Michael. He's really 
sweet, but a total punk. He likes the same music I do and he has ear piercings as well as eyebrow....and he helped stop the jocks from bullying me  for at least today." I kinda quieted down when I said that part.
"Bullies? Already? I'm sorry, sweetie..."
"It's alright, mum. I wouldn't have gotten to know those two if it weren't for them."
"Well, alright. But if it keeps happening tell me." 
"Will do" was my reply, but I already trusted that someone else had my back.

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