"I'm not crazy, I swear!" You were panting and breathing quite rapidly. This is not normal behavior, especially for you.

"Having you been taking your medication?" I asked as I tried to put you into your bed. I had a needle inside my white coat ready to put you to sleep.

You stopped panting and freaking out as you look at me with complete shock and hatred onto your face. As if I had insulted your mother's cooking.

"Don't even consider me one of them." you said with your eyes narrowed at me.

"For all we know Mr. Lover Boy could be some psycho!" you shouted as I took out my needle and plunged it into your arm. You swayed a little then fell backwards onto your bed as I tucked you in and turned off your lamp.

"Heal soon, please." Were all I could say.I'm


11. lexi

It was around 9pm when I left Niall's shop last night. I was going to find Pez today after my next meeting with Zayn.

It was lunch time and the patients had food taken to their rooms since the cafeteria closed. I was able to hand out all my suspects their gifts and put the small cameras in the therapy rooms, the cafeteria kitchen, and in the hallways.

"Morning Lexi!" Says Brendon as he enters the building. What surprised me the most was he was also on the list of suspects.

Trust no one came to my mind as I sighed and gave him a kind wave. I then take out a gift box that carries his microphoned-watch in it.

"Here. I decided to buy gifts for some friends here." I tell him as he smiles and thanks me. He then opens his box and takes out the watch to put on.

"These must've cost you a fortune." He says as he whistles.

I shrug and say, "I have a friend who let me get them on sale and coupon deals."

"Nice." He says while he gives me a fist bump. He then checks in and gets his clipboard, heading off to the patients, while I sit and turn on my tracking device.


"Oh how I wish I could be Styles' nurse! That lucky Lexi is always getting the good patients." Complained one of the nurses as I rolled my eyes and heard another conversation.

So far most of the suspects just talked about their sexual desires, drug addictions, family life, or just plain slept on their job.

I got a little bored after just sitting in my chair and invading people's privacy. I decided to grab my clipboard and head over to Louis and Harry, who were playing a good game of Kings Corner.

"Hey guys." I say as Louis greets back. Harry just simply smiles at me as I return him one as well.

It's been a while since I've seen him this calm and happy. I felt something flutter in my stomach as I realized we kept eye contact with each for what was longer than necessary.

I soon clear my throat and look down, hoping he wouldn't see my rosy cheeks and cheesy smile.

"I see you've met up with everyone." Says Louis as he puts his queen card over a king.

"Well not everyone. I still haven't met Pez, who I'll find out about today with Zayn." I explain as Louis' eyes widen.

"You need to get to her quickly, Lex. We need her help badly." Explains Harry as Louis sets his cards down and says, "Why didn't you see her yesterday like you were supposed to?"

I furrowed my eyebrows and said, "It was getting late by the time I left Niall's shop. I had practically been on a wild goose chase for an entire day-" Harry cut me off by defending, "Go easy on her Louis she's helped enough and-"

"I knew we couldn't trust her. She's probably working for the killer for all we know." He practically shouted as everybody looked at us. I felt a lump in my throat as I realized that I wasn't trusted.

I quietly stood up and said, "I'm trying here, but if you don't want my help then good luck getting things done when practically everybody here thinks you're crazy."

I grabbed my clipboard and walked out of the room, feeling hot tears run down my cheeks as I burst open the doors. I soon felt someone grab my wrist and I noticed it was Harry.

"What do you-" he cut me off again by saying, "I'm sorry. He's been a bit on the edge lately and I think it's just getting to his head."

He puts his warm hands on my cheeks and caressed away my tears as I blinked back a few. I nodded my head in understanding as he asked, "Will you still help us?"

I looked away for a second and got out of his touch, feeling cold all of a sudden. I then looked down at my feet and then back up to his emerald, green eyes.

"No. I won't help you." I said as he looked down in disappointment.

"This is my hospital and I will not take orders from anyone anymore. I'm doing this case on my own." I said as he looked at me with hope.

"So you'll still-" it was now my turn to cut him off.

"Find the killer? Release you sane people? Yes, yes I will." I said as he cheered, but I soon stopped him by saying, "I wasn't done. The minute you guys are free, I don't want you to contact me nor see me ever again."

"What?" He said breathlessly before we heard a loud, piercing scream come from the cafeteria.

I took that as my queue to run in and head to the kitchen, where I saw one of our cooks crying in the corner and shaking out of fear.

I bent down and asked, "Are you okay? What happened?"

She couldn't speak at all, but she did shakily point to the trash bags on the other side of the room. Harry takes a step closer to them and says, "These bags have been here since last night."

He takes a sniff and soon covers his nose saying, "Bloody hell, that stinks!"

I stand up and walk over to one of the bags. I untie it's knot and soon fall backwards from what I had seen. Inside the bag was a dead, naked woman.

End of Part One

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