"I'm not crazy, I swear!" You were panting and breathing quite rapidly. This is not normal behavior, especially for you.

"Having you been taking your medication?" I asked as I tried to put you into your bed. I had a needle inside my white coat ready to put you to sleep.

You stopped panting and freaking out as you look at me with complete shock and hatred onto your face. As if I had insulted your mother's cooking.

"Don't even consider me one of them." you said with your eyes narrowed at me.

"For all we know Mr. Lover Boy could be some psycho!" you shouted as I took out my needle and plunged it into your arm. You swayed a little then fell backwards onto your bed as I tucked you in and turned off your lamp.

"Heal soon, please." Were all I could say.I'm


8. lexi

It was really cold today, especially for all of us down here at the asylum. I had asked my boss if I could just work until lunch and then head off home, hoping I wasn't pushing my luck.

He had agreed, but said that I would have to make up my time for it. It was now early in the morning, and Brendon and I were having our usual black coffee, while chatting by my desk.

"So she actually did that?" I asked out of pure shock as he nodded his head.

"Yup, she thought I was her husband who had come back from the war.

"She was trying to seduce me and kept asking why I wasn't wearing my leotards."  Brendon finished as my mouth hung open from the shock. I then closed my mouth, hoping to hide the giggles about how our sweet old Mrs. Truce was trying to seduce my best friend.

"Well what about you? Any crazy patient stories?" he asked as he took a sip of his coffee. I cleared my throat a little and said, "Nope, my patients are doing pretty well."

He didn't seem fully convinced which led him to question me.

"Yeah how is it that patients Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, also known as the chronics of our asylum.

"Are always on their best behavior when you're treating them?" he asked as he eyed me suspiciously. I swallowed a big lump in my throat and shrugged my shoulders.

"They haven't done anything out of the ordinary or disturbing yet." I mention as he nods his head and checks his watch.

"Crap, lunch shift is starting. Why couldn't you work that shift today?" he complains as I smile and pack my stuff up for the day.

"I have to go visit some family." I lie as he whines and says, "Well bye, Lexi."

I wave him good bye as I grab my purse and head out, making sure I clocked out as I walked out of the building.

I then head over to my car and begin my drive down to the tattoo parlor Louis told me about.


"Can I help you?" asked a raspy voice as I looked up from the tattoo magazine I was holding.

My jaw almost dropped from how gorgeous this guy was. He had bleached blonde hair, a nose piercing, tanned skin with stubble on his jaw line, and had tattoos all over his arms and chest.

"Um I'm looking for someone that goes by the name Zayn." I explain rather too quickly as he smirks and wipes his hand on some white rag.

He then tucks the rag into his jeans back pocket and says, "That would be me."

I smile as I stand up and whisper, "Pariah."

His eyes widen at that moment as he gestures me to follow him. I put the magazine back on the table and follow him to the back room where an 'Employees Only' sign is bolted on.

"So was it Louis or Harry who sent you..." he didn't know my name.

"Lexi. And actually it was both of them." I said as his eyes widened at that. He then points me to a black leather couch as he heads over to a small desk with a Mac and some software gear lying on it.

"Alright so I'm sure they've told you what's been going on lately haven't they?" he asked as I nodded my head.

He clicks a few stuff with his mouse button and then turns on the television screen, which was showing everything on his Mac screen.

"I'm pretty sure you know about the high quality security cameras your clinic has-"

"Wait we have security cameras? I thought we only had cameras in some of the treatment rooms to check on the treatments for the patients." I interrupt as Zayn stares at me a bit annoyed. I clear my throat and say, "Sorry, please go on."

"-As I was saying... I was able to hack into the system and in the past few weeks there's been crashes." he explains as I get confused.

"You see, we watch the footage, but for every patient that went missing during treatments, the cameras have crashed and the footage has been erased. Also Harry has written a letter saying that he can't stand the smell coming from the cafeteria.

"He says its smells odly terrible, almost as if something is rotting back there in the clinic's kitchen." he continues.

"Okay so you're assuming that..." I wait for him to finish my sentence for I'm trying to process everything down.

"There's a slight chance your missing patients are dead and are hidden in the kitchen." he deadpans as my eyes widen.



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