"I'm not crazy, I swear!" You were panting and breathing quite rapidly. This is not normal behavior, especially for you.

"Having you been taking your medication?" I asked as I tried to put you into your bed. I had a needle inside my white coat ready to put you to sleep.

You stopped panting and freaking out as you look at me with complete shock and hatred onto your face. As if I had insulted your mother's cooking.

"Don't even consider me one of them." you said with your eyes narrowed at me.

"For all we know Mr. Lover Boy could be some psycho!" you shouted as I took out my needle and plunged it into your arm. You swayed a little then fell backwards onto your bed as I tucked you in and turned off your lamp.

"Heal soon, please." Were all I could say.I'm


7. lexi

"So what are your plans after work?" asks Brendon as he takes a sip of his coffee, while I sit at my desk writing false improvements on Harry's file.

"Oh just meeting up with my cousin and his girlfriend..." I lie as he looks at me and says, "Really?"

"Yeah, um-" he cuts me off saying, "You never talk about your family nor keep in touch with them."

I gulp the huge lump in my throat and fake a smile as I say, "I've decided to try and make things work."

He seems satisfied with my lie and says, "Wow! That's amazing! I'm so proud of you!"

He then checks his watch and says, "Shit, I need to help out my next patient."

I wave him off as he runs towards the hallways with his coffee is spilling everywhere. I sigh as I slump in my seat and grab my files.

I need to talk to the boys and see what my next move should be. They already gave me the outsiders locations, but said there's more to just finding them.


"What do you mean they won't let me in?" I whisper shout as Louis leans forward and says, "I mean that they will, but they have their circumstances."

"Like what?" I mutter out as Harry plays with the rings on his finger.

"I'm surprised those weren't confiscated." I tell him as he doesn't look up.

"I paid the doctor ten bucks to let me wear them." he whispers as my eyes widen. The doctor shouldn't even be taking money from the patients like that.

"Here." says Louis as he opens up a Paper Towns book and takes out a separate piece of paper. He hands the sheet to me as I begin to scan every word.

"Zayn will only talk to certain people, he's usually at a tattoo shop down at the city. You have to walk in and ask for him, and if he comes out just simply say the password." says Louis.

"What's the password?" I asked him as he looks me in the eyes and whispers, "Pariah."

I nod my head and soon ask, "What about the others?"

"Liam will be found at the local gym in the weight lifting area. If you meet him say that I sent you, the boy will believe anybody." says Louis as I scrunch my nose out of ridiculousness.

"It's why I don't socialize with many people. I'm protecting him." He explains.

"Niall?" I ask.

"He owns a comic book store next to the local gym. Go to his cash register and for the credit card scanner type in the number 78466, he'll be notified and understand why you're there." Finishes Louis. Okay all of this is easy, but what about the mysterious Pez.

"What about Pez?" I ask as Louis shrugs and points to Harry. Harry finally stops playing with his rings and says, "She's practically impossible to locate. She always on the move."

"Well that helps so much." I say with such heavy irony. Louis then leans in and says, "The woman's a ninja. She's also known for changing her appearance a lot."

"Why is that?" I ask.

"Well rumor has it, that she's an orphan. She never knew her family and was never adopted. She picked up the name Pez after running away so many times. Shes known for starting fights with gangs and leading rebellions. There's a language where the word pezereng (pez-er-eng) exists.

"Meaning something rude. I think it means a nuisance." explains Louis as Harry shakes his head and says, "No, I think it means either troublemaker or slacker."

"Okay forget the name. The question is how do I find Pezereng?" I ask.

"Pez, she shortened it." Corrects Louis as I give him a dead look.

"Zayn might be able to help. She's known Zayn the longest." explains Harry as I nod my head.

"Okay, cool. I'll just call in sick tomorrow and go meet up with them." I say as Louis smirks and says, "Good luck."

"Be careful." Is all that Harry says.


A/N So the word pezereng does actually exist. In my family it's considered a bad word, still don't understand why to be honest. But I decided to use one of my nicknames in the story, but I realized that I should give some background information on Pez so I did.

Anyways I'm not sure if its a middle eastern slang word, but I'm Armenian and I've heard my Armenian friends use it before.



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