"I'm not crazy, I swear!" You were panting and breathing quite rapidly. This is not normal behavior, especially for you.

"Having you been taking your medication?" I asked as I tried to put you into your bed. I had a needle inside my white coat ready to put you to sleep.

You stopped panting and freaking out as you look at me with complete shock and hatred onto your face. As if I had insulted your mother's cooking.

"Don't even consider me one of them." you said with your eyes narrowed at me.

"For all we know Mr. Lover Boy could be some psycho!" you shouted as I took out my needle and plunged it into your arm. You swayed a little then fell backwards onto your bed as I tucked you in and turned off your lamp.

"Heal soon, please." Were all I could say.I'm


6. lexi

I had just checked into work an hour ago, and was now ready to check on my friend. I preferred Harry as rather a friend than a patient. He wasn't crazy, no not at all.

Luckily, Brendon had no complaints about him during breakfast. In fact, Brendon had been quiet most of the day. I shrugged my shoulders, while grabbing my clipboard and tray.

The silver tray consisted of a cup of water and a cup filled with three different types of pills. I sigh as I walk down the hallway and towards Harry's room.

I open the door and enter to see him and Louis, talking to each other.

"Hi Louis." I greeted as he gave me a slight nod. He then looks back to Harry and whispers something in his ear.

I walk up to Harry with a tray in my hand, as he looks at Louis and simply refuses on whatever they discussed.

"Fine, then I will." says Louis as Harry rolls his eyes and takes the tray from me.

I look at Louis who's already staring at me and say, "What's up?"

"We want your help." he admits with no emotion. I cross my arms and say, "With what?"

"An escape, and a easy one." he answers as Harry says, "Way to be detailed Lou."

"Don't get snappy with me, Styles." says Louis as he crosses his arms and sits back.

"Okay, well first of all if we're doing something like this, it has to be done my way." I explain as they look at me. Harry looks confused as if he's deciding whether he's upset or not. Louis on the other hand looks really annoyed.

"Fine, what's your plan?" asks Harry as they both lean forward. I take a seat in front of the two boys and hold my hands together.

I lean in and whisper, "I need more proof. We have to take this to the cops, but I need proof. Also we have to do this in a way where nobody will suspect anything."

Harry sits back and furrows his eyebrows, while Louis replies, "Done! We'll get you more proof! But we'll be needing some outside help with that."

"What outside help?" I ask as Louis sighs and says, "We know people who can help. They're not patients here, but they know what's going on."

"Alright, Brendon and I will get down to business just-" I get cut off by Harry who says, "Brendon? As in the male nurse who brings my stuff to my room?"

I nod my head as I heard a disapproved laugh come out of his mouth. I tilt my head and look at him as he bites his lip and shakes his head.

"No fucking way in hell is he helping us." admits Harry as he looks at me dead in the eye. I gulp a lump in my throat and look to Louis for some support. He also shakes his head and says, "He'll just hold us back. Also he's part of the asylum, he wouldn't help us out."

My eyes widen as I realized that they both had a point. Not only would Brendon say no to our favor, but he'll file a report to make sure that Harry and Louis are taken to the disturbed ward. Friend or colleague, this is one secret I must keep from Brendon.

"Alright. Now who are these outsiders that I will meet?" I ask as the two of them glance at each other.

Harry opens his mouth and speaks, "There's four of them. Niall Horan..."

"Liam Payne..." Says Louis as I jot down these names.

"Zayn Malik, and then there's still one more..." says Harry as he struggles to remember the last person.

"Pez." blurts out Louis.

"Pez?" I question as he nods his head. What kind of name is Pez? What's even their last name?

"We know its a weird name, but trust me she's good at what she does." explains Louis as Harry stays quiet. As I look at him he looks away from me and towards the barred windows that shows nothing but trees.

"Where can I find them?" I ask as I look back at Louis.


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