"I'm not crazy, I swear!" You were panting and breathing quite rapidly. This is not normal behavior, especially for you.

"Having you been taking your medication?" I asked as I tried to put you into your bed. I had a needle inside my white coat ready to put you to sleep.

You stopped panting and freaking out as you look at me with complete shock and hatred onto your face. As if I had insulted your mother's cooking.

"Don't even consider me one of them." you said with your eyes narrowed at me.

"For all we know Mr. Lover Boy could be some psycho!" you shouted as I took out my needle and plunged it into your arm. You swayed a little then fell backwards onto your bed as I tucked you in and turned off your lamp.

"Heal soon, please." Were all I could say.I'm


1. author's note

This story is dedicated to my dear friend Lexi, who allowed me to use her name in the story. I also wanted to use Alice Englort so you may picture her character, but this stories female role is Lexi. If you're reading this, hope you love my story!

I just have a few rules and warnings.


•No stealing or copying my story, and posting it on other sites. (I can tell when it goes on other sites because I also go on other reading sites.)

•Feel free to comment and vote if you'd like, but please no trash talking on other people's comments. (If someone has a different opinion they have the right to share it.)



•Author's notes where I either rant or fangirl. (Beware!)

•Slow updates. (Not my fault school is a pain in the...)

Other than that I hope you guys enjoy this story! Love you!

~ TommosFallen_Angel

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