"Art doesn't just get created on its own." you explained with hand gestures as you reached into the small painted can filled with various types of paintbrushes.

I would've thought you would've grabbed the biggest brush or maybe even the cleanest, but instead you got the smallest one that was covered completely in paint.

I smiled, realizing that I was completely impressed with your choice.

Casey had raised her hand, making me roll my eyes as you chuckled.

My lips parted for I didn't mean for you to see that. You then said, "You're question Casey?"

She cleared her throat as she puckered up her lips more and said, "We'll how is art created then Mr. Malik?"

You can hear her nasal voice trying to sound as seductive as possible and though people get annoyed I got to give her credit she did sound pretty seductive.

You cleared your throat, making me look back at you as you stared into my eyes.

You opened your mouth and said, "You to need to imagine it first, and then show it off."


11. candy

It was Monday morning again, and Zayn offered to give me a ride as I meet up with Liam at the library. I was sitting on Zayn's motorcycle, riding through the busy city streets as I held onto his waist tightly. We were both wearing helmets and leather jackets with jeans, the only difference in outfits being the fact that I wore black combat boots, while Zayn wore his black hightop converse.

He soon parked his motorcycle and we both hopped off, taking off the helmets. He then grabs his satchel and wraps his arm around my shoulder as he walks me to the library. We walk through the grassy field and notice some kids from my art class staring at me. Some with concerned or confused looks, and others with nasty glares. 

Casey and her friends gave me nasty looks and I guess Zayn must've noticed for he made us walk up straight to her. I felt a bit weird and nervous to be standing next to Casey and her group of rude bitches, unlike Zayn who just had a straight face.

"Zayn! Hey babe how's it going?" purred Casey as she practically ignored me and held onto the Zayn like an ornament on a Christmas tree. Zayn got a disgusted look and literally shook her off of him as I giggled. 

"First off, I'm not your babe. Never was, never will be. Second, I have the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world. Third off, I believe it's time I hand in your pink slips." He says as my jaw drops from shock.

Pink slips meant that you were either dropped from your class or your practically forced to join another teacher's class. Casey and her friend's jaws had all dropped as Casey shouted, "What? Why?"

Zayn hands over there slips as he says, "Well I was doing grades and I had noticed that you're all failing. You have a lot of missing assignments, and I've also recieved complaints from the other students."

A conspiracy? Nice.

Casey then screeches and walks away with the rest of her group as Zayn and I fist bump each other. He then wraps his arm around me and leads me to the library where Liam was talking to blonde boy and who I'm assuming is his girlfriend for he had his arm wrapped around her.

"Hey Lima bean!" I shouted as Liam scrunched his nose at the nickname I had given him. He then returns the greeting and asks Zayn to join us. Zayn didn't have a class for over an hour so we were good for an hour and half.

"Who's this?" I ask Liam as he points at the couple saying, "This is Niall and his girlfriend Lupe. They had just transferred and I decided to show them around."

"Nice! Cool meeting you guys!" I say as I shake hands with them. 

"You too!" says Niall who apparently had an Irish accent.

"I think were in the same art class." said Lupe as I realized that she was right. She was in my last class, making me smile at the thought that I have another friend to hang with in class.

"That's right! Oh I should introduce you to Harry and Louis, you'll love 'em!" I say as she furrows her eyebrows and asks, "Aren't they that gay couple? You know the ones that always argue like a married couple?"

We both laugh at that as I say, "Yes, yes they are."

"They kind of freak me out." she admits while Zayn now laughs.

"It's okay the feelings mutual." I admit as we all just laugh and relax with one another.

What feels like the end, is often the beginning. Right now, my new relationship with Zayn, and my new friends are my beginning.

the end


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