"Art doesn't just get created on its own." you explained with hand gestures as you reached into the small painted can filled with various types of paintbrushes.

I would've thought you would've grabbed the biggest brush or maybe even the cleanest, but instead you got the smallest one that was covered completely in paint.

I smiled, realizing that I was completely impressed with your choice.

Casey had raised her hand, making me roll my eyes as you chuckled.

My lips parted for I didn't mean for you to see that. You then said, "You're question Casey?"

She cleared her throat as she puckered up her lips more and said, "We'll how is art created then Mr. Malik?"

You can hear her nasal voice trying to sound as seductive as possible and though people get annoyed I got to give her credit she did sound pretty seductive.

You cleared your throat, making me look back at you as you stared into my eyes.

You opened your mouth and said, "You to need to imagine it first, and then show it off."


10. candy

I open the sketchbook to its first page, where I see a note written down. Zayn wasn't kidding when he said that this was like his personal journal. I shake the distractive thoughts out of my head and look down to read the small note.

When we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me. -Z.M.

My heart fluttered at that as it did when I was reading The Fault In Our Stars. John Green love your stories, but you needed some true poetic justice in that story. I smile as I read that note one more time, and decide to continue looking through it.

Though when I changed that page I was shocked to see a quick painting of me. Wait, is that even me?

"Is this me?" I ask as I show him the painting. His face flushes from embarrassment as he looks away from me. So it is me.

I then turn the page not knowing how I should feel about this. I mean my heart fluttered and beated fast as I realized that he thinks about me, but at the same time it freaks me out knowing he's been watching me and painting me.

On the third page there was another lovely note written, making me grin as I bit on my lip.

You make me happy in a way no one else can. -Z.M.

The fourth page consisted of a sketch with a girl and boy hugging each other on the couch as they laughed. The boy had dark black hair and tanned skin, I even noticed tattoos on his skin, while the girl had dark brown hair and was tattoo free. I looked closer at their faces and asked, "Is this us?"

He didn't answer my question yet again, feeling even more awkward and shy then before. I then sigh as I close the book and grab him by the wrist. I carefully tug his arm and take a look at his tattoos wrapped all over his arms. I notice one that has Zap! written on it and realize that the sketch was of us.

I grab the book and hand it back to him as I stand up from his seat. He notices this and puts the book to the side as he stands up with me. He looks at me with eyes full of water ready to fall out. He blinks letting a tear slide down his cheek.

"I'm so sorry, I know this must seem like a weird stalker thing-" I cut him off with a kiss on the lips. My hands were cupping his cheek as my thumbs were wiping away his fresh tears. I then break the kiss and begin to cry myself.

"Why are you crying? Oh my God I'm so sor-" I cut him off as I chuckle saying, "It's tears of joy."

He sighs out of relief and asks, "Why'd you kiss me?"

I smile as I look at him and his adorable self. I grab his book and point at it while saying, "This might be the most romantic and sweetest thing any guy has ever done. A bit stalkerish, yes, but still very romantic."

He gasps out of relief and says, "Well it was an honor doing it."

I smile as I hug him tightly with my arms wrapped around his neck as his arms wrapped around my waist. He then whispers in my ear, "Right from the start I knew I had to make you mine."

I gasp out of shock and soon whisper back, "I'm yours."

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