"Art doesn't just get created on its own." you explained with hand gestures as you reached into the small painted can filled with various types of paintbrushes.

I would've thought you would've grabbed the biggest brush or maybe even the cleanest, but instead you got the smallest one that was covered completely in paint.

I smiled, realizing that I was completely impressed with your choice.

Casey had raised her hand, making me roll my eyes as you chuckled.

My lips parted for I didn't mean for you to see that. You then said, "You're question Casey?"

She cleared her throat as she puckered up her lips more and said, "We'll how is art created then Mr. Malik?"

You can hear her nasal voice trying to sound as seductive as possible and though people get annoyed I got to give her credit she did sound pretty seductive.

You cleared your throat, making me look back at you as you stared into my eyes.

You opened your mouth and said, "You to need to imagine it first, and then show it off."


2. candy

"God damn it, Liam!" I shout as I jump high to reach for my lucky paintbrush. He stands completely unfazed by me as he holds my brush even higher in his big hands.

I groan as I give up on my last jump, pushing a strand of hair behind my left ear. He chuckles as I shake my head and say, "Liam I need my brush, I have an art class to get to."

He finally breathes out some air and hands me the brush saying, "Fine, but next time let me know before making plans with me."

I laugh and say, "It was an honest mistake, I didn't mean to forget, Liam."

He begins to swat his hand and gestures me to go. I pout like a child as I put my paintbrush into my leather bag full of sketches and sketchbooks.

"No." I sternly say as I grab his attention. He stares at me a little shocked with his puppy dog eyes as he says, "You're going to be late for your class."

I shake my head as I grab his hand and start dragging him along with me saying, "No, c'mon Liam. You're my best friend and I promised we'd hang today."

"But we can't. I get that you have class and work later." he points out as I sigh and say, "So? You can hang with me in the class, I'm pretty sure it's going to be some old teacher, who doesn't give a crap about what we do as long as we draw naked people to satisfy his geriatric porn-loving soul."

He laughs as he follows me to the classroom. He then stops right when we reach the front door and says, "I don't know, I'm worried I'll be intruding."

I roll my eyes at him and say, "You big baby, you're just scared of seeing a woman naked."

I grab him by the wrist and push him inside the classroom as I walk in after him.

The classroom was nice and spacious, the smell of dried paint filled into my lungs as I took a nice long deep breath. I soon let go and smile as I say, "I love this."

Liam rolls his eyes as he says, "If I get in any trouble-"

"You won't."

"Yeah? How?"

"Well you might, but I'll give you a free grilled cheese sandwich with a coke at the diner when I'm done." I say with a sheepish smile as Liam looks over and thinks. He then smiles, making his brown eyes shine brighter as he says, "Deal."

"Alright, now how about we sit here?" I say as I point to the front seats next to the big bay window. Liam shakes his head saying, "I'm not looking at nude people, especially from such a close angle."

"Wuss." I say as he puts his hands in defense saying, "Sorry, but I just won't."

"Then read a book or something. Keep yourself occupied from staring at nude people." I tell him as the classroom begins to fill up with various students.

I look around to see a few girls in the classroom, but a lot of guys. I soon take my bag off and put it on the ground next to my seat as I take out my sketchbook and open to a fresh new page. I smile as I look over at Liam to see him reading One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey.

The class begins to settle down as the professor walks in. I only notice his back side as I look back down into my bag grabbing some pencils and an eraser. I then look at my paper and listen to what he has to say.

"Hello class! I'm you're Professor. You may call me Zayn or Professor Malik either is fine by me."

He sounded pretty young and I could hear a slight British accent as I compared it to Liam's. I look up to see not only myself, but Liam and the entire class to be shocked.

Holy shit he's hot and young.

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