"Art doesn't just get created on its own." you explained with hand gestures as you reached into the small painted can filled with various types of paintbrushes.

I would've thought you would've grabbed the biggest brush or maybe even the cleanest, but instead you got the smallest one that was covered completely in paint.

I smiled, realizing that I was completely impressed with your choice.

Casey had raised her hand, making me roll my eyes as you chuckled.

My lips parted for I didn't mean for you to see that. You then said, "You're question Casey?"

She cleared her throat as she puckered up her lips more and said, "We'll how is art created then Mr. Malik?"

You can hear her nasal voice trying to sound as seductive as possible and though people get annoyed I got to give her credit she did sound pretty seductive.

You cleared your throat, making me look back at you as you stared into my eyes.

You opened your mouth and said, "You to need to imagine it first, and then show it off."


1. author's note

I just have a few rules and warnings.

•No stealing or copying my story, and posting it on other sites. (I can tell when it goes on other sites because I also go on other reading sites.)
•Feel free to comment and vote if you'd like, but please no trash talking on other people's comments. (If someone has a different opinion they have the right to share it.)

•Author's notes where I either rant or fangirl. (Beware!)
•Slow updates. (Not my fault school is a pain in the...)

Other than that I hope you guys enjoy this story! Love you!

~ TommosFallen_Angel

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