Perfect | Harry Styles

Audene Braccio and Harry Styles


1. Welcome

"Good morning, welcome to Math 1130. This course will be designed to challenge you, engage you, and assist you. My name is Audene Braccio and I will be the assistant instructor to the course. If there are any questions do now hesitate it email me or come talk to me at the end." I said, breathless. 

I took a look around the massive lecture room. Only a month ago, did I sit here among this crowd. I put a tendril of annoying hair behind my ear, and clear my throat. I straighten out my navy knee length skirt and adjust my yellow floral top. 

I am dressed like an old woman and I do not need to ever wear this again. What was I thinking? I snarl to myself and I lift my eyes to scan the crowd again. 

"I will be teaching this course most of the time because the woman who was supposed to be in charge of this course it out on maternity leave. If you're wondering, I am not a graduate student nor am I an instructor. I am simply a student who is advanced in her studies." I say, looking into the eyes of students who are already bored. 

I know this because, I too am bored. I put a hand on my hip and I look at the first row. I am glad this is a small class that only fills the first few rows, instead of a class the size of a stadium. I close my eyes and turn on my heel. How am I supposed to make this class last for an hour? It has only been 2 minutes since the class was scheduled to start. 

"Would you all like to begin this class now or wait until Wednesday when we meet again?" I ask loudly, hoping for some response. 

"Well, we are all here, you may as well either begin to teach or let us get the hell out of here." A male said. 

I narrow my eyes at the tone of voice that was used and exhale the breath that was deep in my lungs. I move my hand towards the door. "Go." Is all I say. 

The chairs squeak as students move toward the stairs to exit. I walk behind the podium where I was supposed to stand to give a lecture and begin to teach, but I just could not muster up the courage to do so. Not today anyway. I kick of my heels and I slip on my flats. I gather my supplies that I spread out neatly and pushed them inside my carry on bag. I put my heels in my arm and I made my way to the exit. 


I walk through the center of the campus here at The University of New York and take a seat on the bench. The crisp air nips at my bare legs and I cross them to try and make the cold dissipate. I cross my arms in front of me as I wait for a text to signal my ride is here. 

"Audene?" Someone to the side of me says. 

I turn my head to notice a man, a tall man, with green eyes, and beautiful hair. 

"Yes? Who are you?" I ask. 

"I am enrolled in the class that you just let out. I did not get the chance to introduce myself, but I am Harry Styles." He says, putting a hand near me. 

I stand and look at him, putting my hand out. "Audene Braccio. I appreciate you coming to introduce yourself." I say. 

He nodded at me and then he retracked his hand from my grasp, walked backward and toward the end of campus. I sat back down onto the bench and I finally felt my phone vibrate. I got it out my carry on bag and put it to my ear. 

"Hey Marley."

"Audene! I am here." 

"Ok, I am coming now. Thank you so much!" I said. 

"Any time! But hurry because I got a jackass honking at me." 

I laughed and put my phone back in my bag. I started to jog to where Marley was usually parked. I opened up the car door and I fastened my seat belt. Marley pushed the gas a little too hard and made my bag spill out all of its contents. 

"Dang Marley." I said, hitting my head on the door. 

"Look, that jack-hole wouldn't stop being a jackass long enough for me to put my car in drive."

I rubbed my head and chuckled lightly. 

"So how did today go? Well I hope." Marley said to me. 

"It went ok. I spoke for about five seconds and then dismissed them. I do not know how I supposed to talk for that long." I said. 

"Don't let them get the best of you! You can do it, I know you can." Marley said. 

I smiled at her and we remained silent the rest of the drive towards my apartment. Once Marley stopped outside of my building, she put her hazard lights on. 

"When will your car be fixed?" She asked me.

"I'm not sure. But if it is a burden to come pick me up and drop me off I really will take the subway or I will walk. I really don't mind." I said. 

Marley narrowed her eyes at me and she tapped my cheek. "You know I do not mind. It's not like I live a million miles away. I live two miles away from you. I was just curious because I know you do not like to have to depend on other people." She said with a small smile. 

I hugged her tightly and opened up the car door. "What would I do without you?" I asked. 

"Go crazy." She said and winked at me. 

I shook my head and closed the car door. I used my key to open up the outside door and I ran into my building quickly. Living in New York was amazing, but at night it was not safe at all. Once I made it to my apartment, I took off my shoes and was greeted by my cat. 

My cat rubbed herself against my leg and looked up to me. 

"Meow." I said to Kitty. 

I picked her up and held her to my chest. "If people ever knew that I talked to you I would be locked up in an insane asylum." I rubbed Kitty's stomach and then put her down. 


I got out of the shower and made my way to my bed, the best part of my day. As soon as I got comfortable there was a knock on my door. How could I have forgotten? My boyfriend was due tonight and I got so much on my mind that I forgot. 

I walked to my front door and opened it with a smile. There was my amazing boyfriend with flowers in his hand. I rushed myself into his arms and he dropped the flowers and hugged me tightly. I planted small kisses all over his face which caused him to laugh. 

"Hello, Love." He said to me. 

"Hi Louis Baby." I said, and kissed his lips. 

"You forgot I was coming over didn't you?" He said and bent down to grasp the flowers. 

I crinkled my nose and shook my head. "It's okay, I will forgive you." He said, handing my the daisies. 

"Thank you, Lou." I said.

"Anything for you, Audene."

I shut the door behind him and grabbed his hand. He followed me back to my bedroom and we both lay in my bed, just like every night. He wraps his arms around me and I snuggle into him and fall asleep. 

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