Perfect | Harry Styles

Audene Braccio and Harry Styles


3. Help

After my shower with Louis, I made my way to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. Louis came out to the kitchen shortly after I did and he was shirtless with a pair of sweat pants. I winked at him, which caused him to laugh. I downed my water and then I walked over to him.


“Good.” I say to him.


“Good what?” He asks me.


“I’m happy I am with you.” I say to him.


He smiles and he brings me into a hug. I kiss his chest and then I run away from him and into my room.



I wake up in the middle of the night to Louis talking on the phone. I lean over to my nightstand and I turn on the lamp. I sit up and stretch.  He turned to me with a hand over the phone.


“I’m sorry baby, this will just be a minute. Sorry for waking you.” He says and leans over to kiss my forehead.


I nod and turn back over and close my eyes. Why was he up in the middle of the night on the phone? Horrible thoughts came to mind like: another girl. What if he was bored of me and wanted someone else? Or what if it was business. I didn’t need to think like this because I was doubting myself and I do not need to do that. I trusted Louis more than anybody; I knew he wouldn’t hurt me like that.


I push these thoughts out my head and I try my best to fall back asleep. As soon my eyes shut I felt the bed dip and Louis moving the covers. His arms wrapped around me. I pushed my body against him and I shiver because his body is cold from being outside.  I push all of the negative thoughts out my head. He has never given me a reason to not trust him and I should not start to doubt him now.


“Who was that?” I had to ask him.


“Just my boss.” He says to me.


“In the middle of the night?” I ask him.


He sighs and turns the lamp on by his side of the bed. “Don’t do this.” He says and grasps my chin with his thumb and index finger.


I move my head from his chin. “I’m curious Lou. I’m not trying to be doubtful and I am not trying to be insecure but I just need to know if there—“ I start but he stops me with a kiss to my lips.


I close my eyes and let him kiss me. This was security. Nothing changed. His blue eyes look into my brown ones. “I love you more than life itself. We have been together for almost 3 years. How could I want anybody else when you are the only thing I see?” He asks me.


He moves his fingers over my cheek and down my neck. “Your beautiful brown hair that you wear naturally wavy or straighten.” He says and rubs a hand through my hair.


“Your beautiful brown eyes, pouty lips.” He says and plants a kiss to my lips.

I lose my breath and flip him onto his back.  I kiss his lips and the night is lost.



The next few days that go by are fast and already I am up to my neck in papers that I have to grade. Marley and my brother Zayn are at my apartment to help me grade some.  I didn’t not sign up to have so many papers but this is what I get for being smart.


“Audene, I am so tired of this. Why did you have to do partial credit?” Marley asks me.


“You need extra practice in basic math to pass the MCAT anyway so do not complain.” I said to her and stick my tongue out.


“Oh, that was a low blow.” She says and laughs at me.


“Hey Aud, where is Louis?” Zayn asks me.


“He is promoting venues tonight.” I answer.


“What the hell does he do? After all this time it is still not clear.” Zayn says.


“He is a promoter. He got a degree in public relations. He is all about advisement. This is New York, Zayn.” I say with a laugh.


“Whatever.” He says and throws a paper ball in my face.


“Don’t you ever want more, Aud? All you ever do with him is dinner, a movie, sleeping together, and he comes over every night. Its all the same.” Marley says.


“I love him. Why would I just break up with him for more? Love is the reason we are together.” I snap.


“Listen, I’m not trying to jump down your throat about it. I am just saying that after you told me about his weird phone call, might I add he has never done before. I know you are 21 years old, but I just think you need to explore more. You’re so young.” She says.


I look to my brother who is intently working on grading papers and I am envious of him in this moment. Why does Marley have to bring this up right now? What else was I supposed to have? I love Louis so much. He was so nice to me, treats me well, makes me food, we never really argue, and he has been there for me.


“I think you could have more. I have always found it strange that he only comes at night and he leaves early in the morning and not to mention that you guys rarely talk. Do you not want more Audene?” Marley says to me.


“You’ve not had a relationship like I have had Mar. Lou is so sweet and kind to me. I do not want to have this talk anymore. I love him and I know I do. I will not doubt him.” I say.


She shrugs and then there is silence.




The next day, Marley came to get me and to take me to the campus. I could not wait for this day to go over. After all of my classes were done and I had a small hour break before I had to go set up for the class I had to teach, I went to the food hall.


I got myself a small salad and a glass of water and I sat down at a high-top table. I started to eat my salad when I heard a chair move at my table. I look up and there looking at me are the green eyes and the curly brown hair of Harry.


I smile at him with a mouth full of rabbit food and ranch dressing. I grab a napkin and wipe the left over food away.


“How are you?” I ask.


He just looks at me. I narrow my eyes at him and then take another bite of my food.


“Can I help you?” I ask him.


“No, I just, never mind.” He says.


I even more confused than ever. He is so random every time I interact with him.



As soon as the class gets over, Harry is still sitting in his seat. I walk to him and I sit on the row in front of him.


“Do you need help?” I ask him, looking at his paper.


He hardly shakes his head yes. I nod my head as well and take and get up to grab my guide. 

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