Perfect | Harry Styles

Audene Braccio and Harry Styles


5. FIshes

The next day when I woke up, I was in the arms of Louis. I turned over to admire his beautifully sculpted faced. A part of me was still upset at him, but I could never stay mad at him because he means too much to me.  I decided that today I would make it up to him.

I got up and showered and decided that it would be nice of me to make him breakfast. Once I got all of the supplies from the cabinets, I crack a few eggs and put them in a bowl to mix them. I did not have Louis’ favorite cereal at my home. I know that he would much rather like a simple bowl of cereal, but I think having spontaneity like Louis was talking about last night is a good thing.

I hear footsteps come from behind me and seconds later there are lips at my ear. I lean my body into him and Kitty comes and curls himself at our feet. I turn to him and I wrap my arms around his hips.

“Are you still mad at me baby?” I ask.

He rolled his eyes at me and he bent down to kiss my forehead. “You know that I can’t stay mad at you, Audene. You know that I get in my feelings when you stand me up.”

“I did not mean to stand you up though, Louis. I had obligations and I was busy. I’m sorry.” I say and put my head against his chest.

He kisses the top of my head and I back away from him. He steps back from me I stir his eggs. “I’m making you breakfast.” I say.

“I can smell.” He says and he walks away and lays back into the bed.

I flare my nostrils and I put my hair behind my ear and walk towards the room. When I walk into the room, Louis is on his phone and he is typing away on his phone. I lean against the door frame and cross my arms.

I walk in front of him and I yank the phone from his hand. I run into the bathroom and I lock the handle behind me.


I scroll through his screen and I notice that there is a number at the top his phone. I read through messages between him and the unknown number. The messages make me uneasy and I lurch.

Good morning babe, I hope that you slept well. I miss you so much! Please come and see me tonight. Xx B

Morning baby, I just woke up and I am almost ready to leave my house. I will be stopping by soon. Xx L

I take his phone and I throw it into the toilet. Tears run down my face and I run my fingers through my hair. I knew that when I felt uneasy about Louis and the late night phone call, I knew that I should have demanded what was going on.

I open the door and I walk out and see Louis and he looks furious as his nostrils are flared.

“Give me my damn phone.” He snaps.

“It’s with the fish now. Get the hell out of my apartment. Take your shit and do not ever contact me again!” I scream at him.

“Audene, baby let me explain. It’s all a mistake.” He says and reaches for my arm.

I yank my arm away and I push his chest. “Get out now.” I say.

He looks down and he walks towards the door. I walk behind him and I lock the door behind him. My heart is heavy and my mind is hurting because I cannot believe what has just happened. Louis was cheating on me.

We were together for three years and I would have walked to the end of the earth for him. I would have done anything for him. How could he have done this to me when we were together for so long and we claimed to be so in love?

I can’t this affect the rest of my day. I had to go to work and school and I could not let people know how hurt I was on the inside.

Marley was due at my complex at any moment. I rush around, leaving the eggs on the stove and I quickly get ready. Tears escape my eyes often and I have to either let them fall so that I can get over Louis or I have to pin them up until eventually I break.

I rush out in a black skin tight dress and my hair is loose in natural waves. I had to look nice for myself today. Even though I was hurting on the inside, dressing up would help me. I felt like I could go onto the red carpet with how I was dressed, but it would be worth it to draw attention.

Once I step out in my thigh length black dress and heels, I spot Marley’s car and I take long leaps until I get to the passenger side.

“Wow! Audene! You look so damn sexy! Not like you usually don’t but.. wow.” Marley says.

I smile at her and move my hair from my face. “Thank you Marley.” I say.

“May I ask why you are so dressed up? You look like you have your own glam squad.” She says with a laugh.

“I’m showing Louis what he is missing.” I say.

“What happened?”

“We are done.” Is all I say.


All day throughout my classes, people are staring at me. Partly because the cold air that kept nipping at my skin, and I was hardly wearing any clothes to cover me and make me warm. Guys that I had never paid much attention too were making sure I knew they were paying attention to me.

This was a big boost of confidence on my part because with Louis, I had lately been feeling insecure. To find out that he was cheating on me made my self-esteem plummet.  

Marley and I had made plans with a few of our friends to go out and get drinks tonight because I needed to get Louis off my mind. I missed him so much. He was such a constant in my life and to have him gone hurt so much.

My heart was heavy, but I still needed to have a good night.


I later met up with Liam and Niall at the end of my block. We would walk to the club where Marley was waiting for us with a reservation. Liam was my childhood best friend and Niall was a newly American citizen from Ireland. He went to NYU with Marley and I and we shared a few classes.

“How are my favorite boys?” I ask.

“Oi, you know we are well, how’re you, m’lady?” Niall said.

I laugh and I put my arms through each of theirs and we all walk in step towards the bar.

“Li, how are you and Danielle?” I ask him.

“We are broken up. I am going to get shitfaced at this club and I will be bringing home a sexy lady.” He says with a smirk.

“You little man whore.” I say to him.

“No, we just had differences that we could not work out. I love that woman with all of my heart but we just could not get passed certain things.” He says.

I nudge my shoulder against him and turn to Niall. “How are American women treating you these days Nialler?” I ask him.

He throws up an eyebrow and smirks at me. “Oi, you know, they love this accent. I have stuck my English muffin in their sausage!” He says and does a little skip in his step.

Liam and I just stop and look at Niall. “Niall, you realize that you just implied you’re gay?” Liam said laughing.

“Oi, wait! I am not gay! I meant that they let me stick my sausage in their English muffin!” He says to cover up his hilarious mistake.

“I cannot wait until Marley finds out. You know she will be jealous right?” I tease him.

“Marley is so beautiful, but she scares the accent right out of me!” Niall says.

“Dance with her tonight. She likes you, Niall.” I say.

“I thought she had somebody?”

I shrug my shoulders. “Break-ups come in three.” Is all I say.

“You and Louis? Split?” They say simultaneously.

I just nod and cannot wait until I get alcohol into my system.

Seven shots in and pounding speakers later, I am tripping over my feet and I am drowning Louis in voicemails.

“You are a bastard Lois, wait your name is Lewis. Whatever your name is! You’re a heart breaker!” I yell into the phone and slam my phone against the bar.

“Bartender! Give me some tequila!” I yell and slam my debit card on the bar.

Niall touches my shoulder and I turn to him.

“I think you are done.” He says to me.

“NO!” I yell and move away from him.

“Audene, there’s a guy at the bar asking for you.” Niall says and takes me toward the bar.

I sit on the bar stool and lean my head against my hand. I look around to see who could want to see me. Maybe it was Louis and if it was I would slice his throat open!

Harry leaned on the bar across from me. “You want more tequila?” He asks me.

I look at his gorgeous face and I lean across the bar and I grasp his shirt into my knuckles. I lean my face closer to his and look into his green eyes.

“I am normally not indisposed like this, but my heart hurts and I would like your company. I like the way you talk. So poor me a shot and get out of here with me and let’s go to central park.” I say, kissing the corner of his lips.

I let him go and I giggle to myself. 

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