Perfect | Harry Styles

Audene Braccio and Harry Styles


4. Fired

~~The next few days of school for me were very strenuous on my mental health. I was investing myself so much in trying to get the grades to get closer to my graduation date and I was also trying my best to teach this class the best to my ability. I struggled trying to find time to balance them both, but I believe once I work out this small kink everything will be grand.
I was also signed up to help Harry try and understand this math. I had only helped him one time but I agreed to help him once a week for a few hours as long as he brought the correct material and at least a somewhat understanding of the topics that were discussed.
As I stood in front of the class that may as well be peers for myself, I had to put a hand to my mouth to stop the humongous yawn that was escaping me.
“Okay, good evening, we have our first test tonight. I hope that I have been teaching the class well enough. This is the first test so I will slightly lenient. If there are terrible grades after this, then I know that I need to change things up. There will also be extra credit opportunities along with an option to retake the test.” I say, winded.
A hand is raised near the back of the room. I lock eyes with the student, “Yes.” I say, and wait for his question.
“How much are tests weighted on our grade?” He asks.
“They’re worth 40% of your final grade.” I answer.
He nods his head in contentment and I proceed to hand out tests. Once I get to the back of the room, where Harry is seated, I place a test in front of him. I smile at him and then make my way back to the front of the room. I sit down and then watch the class to ensure that there is no cheating going on.
I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull my phone out and smile once I see the name on my screen.
I have a reservation at Antonio’s tonight. Please be ready at 8 PM. I look forward to seeing your beautiful face. –Louis
I slide my phone back into my pocket and cannot wait until the time hits 8.

After the class was done I sat at the front of the room with the stack of tests in my arms and my phone to my ear.
“Lou, hey, I may be a little late. I have to grade these tests.” I say into his voicemail.
I hated when he didn’t answer me. It made me insecure again. I push those thoughts out of my mind and I sit down with a single lamp on near the desk.
“Audene?” A voice asks me.
I pick my head up from a test and look in the direction of the voice.
“Harry?” I ask.
“I think I bombed that.” He says.
I smile gently at him and I pat the desk for him to come closer to me. “What do you not understand?” I ask him.
“The whole angle thing. When I was in middle school my teacher got fired and my math foundation sucks. I am not good at math.” He says.
I bite the inside of my cheek and I watch him. His deep dimples were set in his face and his green eyes were insecure as he fiddled with his bottom lip. His lips were full and pink and I couldn’t help but get flustered at how beautifully crafted he was. His chestnut hair fell to his shoulders and his jaw was prominent.
I put my black hair behind my ear and look down at my hands.
“Okay, well how about we go through these tests together and I can help you by you helping me grade them. Sound good?” I ask him.
“Okay,” He says, with a small uncomfortable laugh.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and I reach for it and I notice the time. 11 PM. I gasp and I look over to Harry for a moment and then hold up a finger. As the phone reached my ear, I run down the aisle and stop by the door.
“Where the hell are you, Audene?” Louis’ voice screams over the phone.
I wince at his tone of voice. I squint my eyes and I turn my back away from Harry’s inquisitive eyes. “Do not yell in my ear, please.” I say.
“Well where the hell are you?” He says in a stern voice.
“I left you a voicemail!” I shout into the phone.
“You act like I check the damn thing, Aud!” He shouts.
“I called you and said that I was going to be late because I have to grade these tests! I am inclined to do my damn job! I also have tutoring sessions I am currently in the middle of which you are interrupting.” I snap at him.
“So some little job where you don’t even get paid is more important than your boyfriend of three damn years?!” He shouts.
“Louis, I don’t like how you’re speaking to me. I am going to hang up and go back to tutoring.” I snap and end the call.
I make my way back to where Harry was and I sit back down in the chair. I sigh and I put my hands through my hair.
“Trouble in paradise?” He tries to poke fun at me.
“My boyfriend is being very rude to me right now.” I say and fiddle with another test.
“Want to talk about it?” He asks me.
I look into his green eyes and then to his beautiful hair. “He had this dinner planned for me at my favorite restaurant, but I have to do my job first. He doesn’t understand that.” I say to him.
He cocks his head to the side and he leans his head against his hand. “I don’t know much about you, but I believe you are a pretty good person. I think that you need to make him realize that other things are important to you too.” He says with a small smile.
I smile at him and then tap the tests. “This is the last one. Let’s get through it.” I say.
“If that’s what you want.” He says and looks at the test.

After we were done with the test, he stands up and he holds a hand out for me to grasp. “Want to go get a late dinner? I’m starving and I will also accompany you on your walk home.” He says.
“Alright.” I say and put my hand in his grasp.
He lets me walk in front of him and he puts a hand on the small of my back. I look through my hair out of the corner of my eye and look at his face. He catches my eye and I quickly turn my head back to the front of me.
As we walk through the dark campus and through the busy streets of the city streets, and our steps are in sync.
“Tell me about you Harry.” I say to him.
“Well, I have an older sister and I am 21 years old. I’m horrible at math and I like to sing.” He says with a laugh.
“You sound very interesting Harry.” I say with a sarcastic smirk.
“Do I detect sarcasm, Ms. Braccio.”
I laugh slightly and bump my hip against his. “You’re very tall.” I say to him.
“Maybe you’re just short.” He says.
“Ok. You win.” I say.
“What are you in the mood for?”
“We are in the city that never sleeps, so why not go get some waffles?” I say.

As we finished our waffles and he began to walk me home. “Where do you live?” He asks me.
“I’m on W 45th.” I say to him.
He nods and as the night progresses, the colder that I get. I shiver ad Harry wraps an arm around me waist and pulls me inside the side of his jacket. I see my complex in the distance and I stop him. I turn around and look at him.
“Thank you, Harry, for walking me home and for treating me to a breakfast when I am supposed to be sleeping.” I say.
“Anytime. Glad I could be here to take your mind off your boyfriend for a while.” He says to me.
I pull my key from around my neck and turn on my heel near my door to look one last time at him before I walk up to my apartment.
“See you in a few days.” He says to me.
I nod at him and unlock the main door that enters into the endless staircases.

Once I get to my building, Kitty runs to meet me at my feet. I bend down and pick him up. He meows at me and rubs his face into my hand. I meow back at him and then set him down. When I get to my room, Louis is waiting on my bed.
I jump at the sight of him. His hands are crossed and he is seated on the edge of my bed.
“You stood me up at dinner and now it is nearly 2 AM, and you still have not even tried to call me.” He said in a monotone voice.
“I am not in the mood to argue Louis. I just want to go to bed.” I say to him.
“You’re not going to bed without talking to me about why you didn’t try to contact me.”
“What do I have to do to get thorough to you? I called and said that I would be late for dinner.” I said.
“But you never called to cancel either. I was trying to be spontaneous and do something romantic and nice for you, but you stood me up.” He snaps.
“I understand that, and I apologized, Lou. I have things at work that need my attention first.”
“Like some little idiot that doesn’t understand math?” He snaps again and stands to his feet.
“Enough!” I say.
“You made me look like a fool!”
“Louis! I am not in the mood to fight. Please. Not tonight.” I plead.
He huffs and he crawls into bed. I pull off my shoes and I slide off my clothes so I am left in my underwear and bra. Louis bites his lip and pats the bed beside him. I slide into the bed and cuddle up next to his body.
“I’m sorry.” He says to me.
I run my fingers along his tattoos and close my eyes.
“You make me insecure when you speak to me like that.”
He runs his finger along my cheek bone and he kisses my forehead.
“I am sorry.” He says.
I close my eyes and fall asleep.

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