Perfect | Harry Styles

Audene Braccio and Harry Styles


2. Cheeky

The next morning after my wonderful night with Louis, he left a small note on my pillow opposite of my head, which wished me a good day. I smile at the note and I stretch and rush to get ready to be picked up by Marley. Besides having a class at 8 AM I was also supposed to teach a class at 6 PM.

I did not understand why the woman that was supposed to teach the math class was still on maternity leave, but she was, and I was not even a certified instructor. I was still a student registered but that did not seem to matter here. I did not mind because the woman that was supposed to teach was a friend of mine, but that did not mean that I was well and able to teach.

Not being certified brought many problems because if a student fails while I am instructing the course, I could be fined because I am not quite a teacher. I sigh, and put a hand to my forehead. This was not something that I needed to think about right hit moment but I did need to think about it in the near future.

I quickly rushed to get ready which consisted of throwing my hair in a bun and tossing on a random maroon sweater and jeans. I tied up my combat boots and I made my way to the bottom of the stairs. I did not want to stand in the cold weather until I had too. Sliding my phone out of my pocket to look at the time, a horn blared right in front of me. My heart jumped out of my chest and I made my way towards Marley's car.

Once I was settled in, she gave me a weird look.

"So Louis came over yes?" She asked me.

"Doesn't he always?" I ask and dismiss her questions.

"Have you two done the deed yet?" She asks me.

"For you information, we have been together for a few years now and yes we have." I snap at her. I was not in the mood for her twenty questions today.

"I know, I just like to poke at you." She snaps back at me.

I sigh. When you get two non-morning people in a small space together, it does not mix. Marley turns on the radio to drown out the silence that was very thick. Marley wasn't a morning person, but she usually talked to me while I listened. I look over to her and notice that she has her lip clamped down and she has tears brimming her eyelids.

"Marley, what is wrong?" I ask her and touch her shoulder.

She shook her head which caused her beautiful ringlets of hair to move.

"Tel me please?" I say, rubbing her shoulder in a circular motion.

"I have to retake this year. I didn't get accepted into med school that I wanted because I failed by MCATs." She says quickly.

I gasp in shock. Marley had failed her MCAT? I remember her studying for hours and months of dedication toward this test. How could this have happened to her? Marley was the one person who deserved this! Marley was so smart and she should have been able to get into her med school of her choosing.

I suddenly felt empathetic towards her. I know that today would go slowly for me because all I would think about is Marley.

"Did they call you?" I asked her.

"That is the only way that they communicate with potential students." She said in a monotone voice.

"What happened? You studied for so long."

"As soon as I got in there I froze. It was horrible. I studied for so long and gave so much time, Aud. You should have seen me. It was like as soon as I got that test and all of the scenarios, everything went over my head." She said with a few hiccups in between.

I frowned and I leaned my head on her shoulder. I did not know what else that I could do to try and cheer her up. I know that there is not much I can do because Marley is a very independent person and does not like pity of any kind.

"It's okay. I have next year and the year after that. There is this girl that has failed six times but she keeps going back. I'm going to be like her. I am going to fail every time." She said and honked her horn.

And now the anger came.

After I was done with the rest of my classes I had to hurry to go teach the 6 PM math class. I was dreading it and I wish that the hour would quickly end so that I could just go home and cuddle with Lou and my cat. 

Before anybody student came into the class, I quickly gathered my things and began to write math problems onto the bored. I heard the door open and many sets of feet begin to walk. Along with students filing in, students began to lift the desks that were attached to the chairs. 

Calling peers students is a weird concept for me. How can I expect people my age to address me with respect and not look at me like somebody then can walk on? It will not work if I have to assert dominance because I will quickly lose the battle. I push that thought out of my mind and let my mind wonder back to Marley, I couldnt help but wonder how she was doing. I hope that she is not drowning herself in ice cream and Dexter. 

Once the clock on the wall hit 6 PM I cleared my throat. I took a deep breath and I walked to the front of the class. I looked at some faces that were familiar from other classes I have been a part of and some other faces did not look familiar at all. 

"Welcome back to Math 1130, again my name is Audene Braccio, but you may call me Ms. Braccio. Today we will be discussing basic math skills. Rounding, dividing, multiplying. This course if for business majors and for art majors. There will be many statistical approaches as well as many obtuse parts that will seem pointless." I say and take a breath. 

"But for today, we will start off slow and easy. While I pass out this worksheet I am going to call the roster just to get to know some names." I say with a smile. 

This was unbelievably awkward for me. I could not be so professional with a room full of my own peers. I got a lump in my throat and I felt like the ground could swallow me up at any moment. I hate speaking in front of people and that is all what this course will consist of. I sigh as I walk up the small stairs to the top of the classroom where some wandering souls seem to be. 

I lock eyes with the man that introduced himself to me yesterday. Henry? Garry? Harry! I give him a small smile. 

"Harry." I say and make my way back down to the front of the lecture hall. 

I clear my throat and begin to call role. "If everybody could please move down to the first few rows that would be very helpful." I say and lock eyes with a few people, including Harry. 

Once the roll was called and I began the lesson, filling up an hour of a math lesson was not hard at all. I began to grow tired right at 6:50 PM. I yawn a bit and then look up at the students in front of me, which were more like friends it seemed. 

"Have a good night and I will see you all again on Friday." I say. 


I waited on the bench outside again for Marley. I hoped that she still wasnt so upset because of her MCAT scores. I know she would be because of the amount of money and time she had put into this career field. I call her and put the phone up to my ear. 

"Hey, you've reached Marley. I'm obviously not on the phone so leave me a message and I might call you back." Her voicemail spoke to me.

I roll my eyes and hang up. I cross my legs and I feel the cold air nipping at my ankles. Why did I have to wear a skirt again? I do not even like them. I hear foot steps and then a body sits next to me. I look over and it is Harry again. 

"Audene." He says. 

I smile at him. "How're you?" I ask. 

He doesnt answer. Okay, I guess silence is how this will go. I put a piece of hair behind my ear and look to the side of me. 

"Small talk is horrible. If there is nothing to talk about there is no point in it." He says. 

"It makes conversation and fills awkward silence." I say and turn an eyebrow up at him. 

He simply smiles widely and it makes his green eyes light up. I bite my bottom lip and out of shock I smile back at him. His smile is infectious and his dimples are deep. He is cheeky. 

"What's your major?" I ask him. 

"A secret. Look, it was nice chatting with you, Audene. My ride is here." He says and runs. 

I nod. "Have a nice night." I say and watch his lean figure walk away. 


Louis ended up picking me up an hour later from the campus and he treated me to a dinner and a movie. 

"How was your day babe?" He asks me. 

"Long." I say and fall face first in my bed. 

"Want me to rub your feet and massage your back?" He asks me. 

"That's a way for you to seduce me Lou." I say, smirking at him. 

He puts a hand on his chest in mock oblivion. "Me? Never." He says and rolls his eyes. 

I smirk at him and get off my bed and run after him. He just stays still and once I get to him he picks me up and runs towards the bathroom. I laugh and he smacks my butt. 

"Shower sex is so amazing babe." He says, pulling my shirt off of me.

"With you it is." I say, kissing his lips. 


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