My Writing Journey

In less then 500 words this will tell you how I came to be a writer in 2010, and how it all came together now in 2015. It's quite simple, and this is just a small insight into my life since I hit 100 followers. Hope you enjoy. :D


1. Writing Journey

I started writing real stories the summer before I turned 12, so in 2010. And what I mean by really stories is longer that two pages with developed characters and a plot. Even though, my very first story wasn’t even a story, it was a play. And good lord, it was terrible.

Anyways, after I realized that plays were not a good idea, I went to write an actually story. It’s actually on here, called Forbidden Love. A very edited version of it anyways. That story was what kept my trying. It was so fun to write and I loved being able to create characters and give them happy endings. With my life, I’m never sure if I’ll get a happy ending, so giving them a happy ending was so full filling.

Then, there was a year or something where I didn’t write at all.  I’m not sure why I didn’t write, but I guess that life just got to busy. I wanted to play video games, watch TV, and golf more than create stories.

That all changed the summer of 2012 when I found out what a fan fiction was. I could write stories where I dated a famous person of my choice. I could give myself a fake happy ending. That made me so happy. So I began writing One Direction fan fictions. Not a lot, but a couple with some interesting plot lines. It made me so happy that I could do something so crazy like that.

I could never finish a story though. I’d write as much as I had planned, and then take forever to come back to it. Until December of that year. That’s when I found this website. It gave me a reason to try harder on my stories and actually finish them.

I’ve stayed with my stories being mostly fan fictions. That’s slowly changing. And even if they are a fan fiction, I am trying to get away from the plots everyone uses and the famous people everyone uses.

Three years later and not much has changed. I have had many ideas I have had to trash, and I find it so tasking to finish a story. It’s emotionally tolling because I hate having to leave characters. Even though I know they will forever live on in my mind and heart.

I am so happy that I have finally reached 100 followers on here. It’s been a goal of mine for a long time. It took three years, mainly because I’ve taken so many hiatuses, but now I think I’m back for a while. I like it here. It’s such a friendly community and I think I can make a few writing friends.

I’m not sure what else I can write about now. That’s the short of how I came to write, and I’m not one to fabricate a story of my own life memories. So, I guess. That is all for now.

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