Deja Q-ed

What if Q died straying the Calamarains away from the Enterprise? Well, there's more to that theory we are playing out. What if a Q can't go to the afterlife because someone hasn't moved on? Can really not letting go of a Q be that harmful? Guess you can fill in the blanks who this person is. As 'reluctant' as the person is who won't let go. Started:9.3.2015 Completed: 9.3.2015 at 5: 29 PM


4. Trapped in the nebula


Q got into the shuttle.

Even a Android was more human he was. He didn't anyone to die for him. Data almost died in Engineering trying to help Q. Q presses several buttons on the console. He looked up to see the door to the shuttle bay opening. I am sorry, Q thought, but it must be done. He looked back at the numerous sucesses he had giving valuable lessons to those he considered worthy. The product of lessons turned out helpful in their own way.

The shuttle flew out of shuttle bay.

Jean Luc,Q thought, Thank you for the hospitality.

He heard a door to some compartment open.

Q looked over to see Picard right behind him.

"This is the eleventh time you've died,Q!" Picard said.

"No, Jean Luc," Q said, arguably. "This is my first!" He frowned back at the Captain. "Now go back to your little ship!"

"I am not leaving without you, Q," Picard said.

Q pressed a beaming button.

"Yes," Q said, turning back toward Picard."You are!"

"Q!" Picard shouted.

"I am a miserable human being," Q said. "It is not fair others have to die protecting me."

Picard is beamed off the ship and Q raised the shields.

By the time Q realized what kind of loop he was in; the Calamarain had killed him.


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