Deja Q-ed

What if Q died straying the Calamarains away from the Enterprise? Well, there's more to that theory we are playing out. What if a Q can't go to the afterlife because someone hasn't moved on? Can really not letting go of a Q be that harmful? Guess you can fill in the blanks who this person is. As 'reluctant' as the person is who won't let go. Started:9.3.2015 Completed: 9.3.2015 at 5: 29 PM


10. Out of the loop


...The Enterprise..

"Captain, someone has gone out with a shuttle," Ensign Richard said.

Picard knew it was only one person.


"It is Q," Picard said. "Hail him!"

Shortly after Q appeared on the screen.

"Enough is enough," Q said. "I hate to bring you all on a death wish."

"Q, come back!" Picard demanded.

Q shook his head.

"It is best that I go," Q said. "For everyone's sake. I don't need a rescue. This is my choice,and you will respect that." He leaned his elbows on the console. "No tricks, no cheating death, nothing out of you, Picard. I know that you care..." Q sighed, lowering his gaze. "But there are things in life that cannot be avoided." Q looked up toward Picard. "Such as my date with death."

"Q..." Picard said, as though trying to figure out what to say.

Q had a serious but grim look on his face.

"Q out," Q said.

The screen became dark and the image of the inside of the shuttle vanished.

"Q is desperate," Deanna said. "And sad."

"Are we really trying to get Q out?" Riker asked, unsure.

"More so the shuttle," Picard said.

This time Picard didn't go after Q. This time he watch the ship be invaded by the Calamarains.

This time Q died, for good.


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