Deja Q-ed

What if Q died straying the Calamarains away from the Enterprise? Well, there's more to that theory we are playing out. What if a Q can't go to the afterlife because someone hasn't moved on? Can really not letting go of a Q be that harmful? Guess you can fill in the blanks who this person is. As 'reluctant' as the person is who won't let go. Started:9.3.2015 Completed: 9.3.2015 at 5: 29 PM


8. Data, NO!


Data turned toward Geordi with a 'should we go after him?' look in his eyes.

"No," Geordi said. "Not now."

Data stood up, unexpectedly, then closed the side of his head.

"Data, you are not suppose to leave!" Doctor Beverly said.

Data turned toward La Forge, making a 'There's something I have to do'.

"Make it quick," La Forge said.

Data nodded then he went through the door.

"He will be right back," La Forge said.

"That is so unlike Data," Doctor Beverly said.

"He usually keeps his word," La Forge said. "I just hope this doesn't include talking."

Our scene transfers to the shuttle. Data's presence in the Enterprise went unnoticed even to where he went. Q darted into the shuttle bay looking to be quite alert. He came to a unoccupied shuttle, looked around, then entered it. Picard came in feeling a strange sense of 'I have been here before'. Picard stopped mid way apparently puzzled.

Picard exited.

Q is in the driver's seat.

"So long, Enterprise," Q said, zipping out of the shuttle bay.

About a couple light years away from the Enterprise; the shuttle started turning around, randomly!

"What in the Q continuum?" Q said, startled.

Q looked over to his left to see Data.

"Data!" Q said. "You shouldn't be here!"

Data shook his head, then pointed himself then to the floor.

"I am telling you, Data," Q said. "Stay out of this and beam back to the Enterprise!"

Data shook his head.

The shuttle rocked from side to side.

"You know, if you die..." Q said. "If you die because of me I will never forgive myself."

Data rolled an eye as if going, 'as if'.

"It is true!" Q said.

Data shook his head.

"Data, please," Q said. "I don't want to live the rest of my life as a miserable man. I can't live this way!"

The Calamarain's enter through the shuttle striking Data first.

"DATA!" Q shouted, reaching his hand out to the Android.

The Android stopped operating shortly after the fatal strike.

"No," Q said, in horror as the shuttle bay doors opened. The Calamarain turned toward him. A tear went down Q's cheek. "Finish me off, you stubborn fools."


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