The Roses

The Roses is about this young girl named Skyler, who has no memory about her parents. She has been adopted by a loving family but there is only one thing she remembers about her parents. Roses.


1. Memory

       Skyler was a twelve year old girl. She was adopted by a wonderful, loving family. But there was one problem that bothered her, it was her actual parents. She didn't know their names, didn't know what they looked like, and she didn't know if they loved her. The only thing she knew about them is the roses. But why roses? As the weeks even months went by she searched up Breanna Smith and Liam Smith, her parents. She only knew their names because her step family told her. Only a few pictures of them showed up, a beautiful couple. But as Skyler heard foot steps on the stairs she closed her laptop and hopped into bed. Her door opened just a tad then silently closed. She then just decided to go to bed even though it was only 8:30. 

         Every morning she would eat breakfast then always walk down to the garden and look at the roses. Those were the flowers that got her attention, out of the carnations, or the dahlias, or even the peonies. 

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