The Adventures of Ember

Ember isn't your typical girl. In fact, she's far from it.


1. The Fire War

 They were dark times; whole towns were caught on fire, usually, with nothing left but ashes. A couple, Kim and Greg, were expecting a baby at that time. One night, while the young couple was fast asleep, a group of rebels started setting fire to houses. The fire spread to Kim and Greg's home. The smoke detector went off, but the young couple still sleep. The couple was burned alive.


   The rebels fled the town.

Meanwhile, in the town of Gortha, an evil queen, by the name of Christa, was staring out of the castle window, waiting for her warriors to arrive.

As soon as they walked into view, Christa ran out to welcome them back.

"The deed is done, your highness." The warriors said.

"Well done, my warriors." Christa smiled.


A few days later, the queen realized that her stomach was getting bigger by the day. She was soon pronounced pregnant.

The royal doctor said that it was the craziest thing he had ever saw; it was as if the queen was already 6 months along, even though the queen had been divorced for 7 years.


As the days progressed, the queen grew worried.


On July 19 at 5:23 P.M., a baby girl was born into the world.

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