The Adventures of Ember

Ember isn't your typical girl. In fact, she's far from it.


2. Introducing Ember

 It was a cold day. Ember rushed outside to play in the snow. She was 5 years old. This was Ember's first time seeing snow. Wherever she went, guards followed her around. The guards surrounded the backyard, making sure Ember was safe. As she stepped foot in the cold snow, the snow was ice solid. After a few seconds, the snow melted, almost all at once. The guards stared in shock, just as Ember was.

"Princess Ember, do you have any idea what just happened?" A guard asked.

Ember dashed indoors, leaving a puddle of water wherever she had stepped.

At dinner that night, Ember was ordered to eat at the table alone, for the guards asked Christa for a moment alone.

"What is it?" Christa asked.

"Your highness, it involves your princess." a guard spoke up.

"Get on with it, then." Christa growled.

"There's something unusual about her. She stepped into the snow and miraculously, the snow started melting right at that minute." Another said.

"That makes no sense. I find it foolish to think something like that would actually happen." Christa said and sat at the table with Ember.

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