Benefits of being unwell

Caleb is a fucking stupid kid. He's a fuck up. Was that girls advice really that great?


2. Already Dead

Chapter 1

No clue where I'm going. Maybe to the farther north where I could freeze myself when I get there in the winter. Or I could swim across the seas and drown away my breathe. I could fly away until there is no more. But maybe the best choice is to just go home. I don't want to choose. Maybe letting fate pick where to go it the worst idea. I'll walk to the school first I have an idea.

I stared to walk to the school, I'm happy that I don't live that far it's only a 10 minute walk. If it were any farther away I would have to bike to school. That's the reason I'm going to the school. I know that there still are so many people from the school that don't lock up there bike. It's not that smart. I feel bad for taking it but maybe I need it more then they do. That's a lie I'm running away and they are just trying to get to school on time. What done is done I should write a letter. But I'm not going to. I found the bike I wanted it looked a little old and was painted blue. Now for the next step.

I got on the biked then pedalled down the street as fast as I could. There's no real reason why I went so fast. I just want to go fast I want to be fast. So fast that nobody will see me go bye. I'm trying to find the airport. I have a slight thought of where it could be so ill go there and hopefully I find it soon before I go to fast and crash.

It took me almost 2 hours to find the airport. People are going to end up finding that I went here do you really want to go threw with this? I asked myself. Fuck it. I went into the doors of the airport. Gross. This place is just the worst to me. Grumpy properly around probably because they've been up all night, crying baby's, people crying, rude staff. I don't like it. Yes I know it's not always like that but right now that's all I can see.

I hate those moments when all you see is the bad in the world. Do people ever have those moments? Is that a normal thing? It feels like I've been stuck on that perspective of the world for a long time. It's kind of like knowing there is another side of the moon but never seeing it. I tried to shake the thoughts from my head for a little to figure out what to do. The lady at the desk. I went up to her. "Um excuse me. Are there any seats on any flights to,um any where right now?" She nodded her head then looked down at her computer. "Well we have a few that have a few seats today there's a plane leaving to go to Sydney, Ottawa and well that's it" well there's not that many choices. Well let's go to Sydney then I've never been out of the country might as well now.

"Sydney" she nodded and looked down and did something, I don't know. I handed her the money I didn't care how much it was. She looked shocked.

"Sir you just had enough money" well fuck, that's great. I wish I saved up more. Well how was I supposed to know that I was going to do this. I took the ticket and wandered around the airport till I found where I needed to go. I did all stupid airport shit. But after that I found where I was looking for. The gates were already opened so I didn't have to wait. I got on the plane. I've never been on a plane before. I wonder what my mom will think when she can't find me I should have left a note. Writing a note wouldn't be something I would do. For the reason and this reason only, I'm forgetful. I'm fucking dumb.

It's pretty annoying being a fuck up. So it's better that I just leave. I hope that nobody comes looking for me. It'd be nice for my life to just be a mystery. They have no clue what happened to me. So they can just assume I'm dead. I'm a walking ghost. Or I'm the walking dead. Haha oh my god. I just laughed at my own stupid joke. I'm an idiot.

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