All it takes is HOPE!!

It is about a girl and a miracale


1. When you jinx a perfectly good day.

     On a bright and sunny morning, I finally woke up and got ready for the day. My mom and I were going to spend the entire week together, since my older sister and my dad were in Florida for the next three days because of Shelby's softball game. I was so thrilled that I accidentally swung my door open, which made a hole in the wall. So instead of going to the mall like we had planned, we had to go to the hardware store and buy the things that we needed for  the hole. When we got back home, we finally got the damaged wall all patched up.

     We went to the mall after fixing my mistake. We ate at the KFC that the had there. It was delicious that I thought for a split second that it said to me, "Hey you there, the person that I am collected to. Tell the ladies beside you to by more of that chicken and feed me!" But I knew I was loosing my mind. Eventually got sick and tired of being tricked by my head and stomach that I told my mom that I needed to use the restroom.

    "Savannah, are you OK dear?" said sheri (MOM). I answered her with a polite tune and said, "Yes ma'am, I am fine." Knowing that I was lying to her. It hurt me to lie to her face after she has been so nice to me. But instead of thinking about the lie, I went to the restroom. I sat in the stall, wondering why I was had a hallucination.

     I was full, so it couldn't come to me of why I felt like that. Then, after a while, I finally came out of the restroom and asked my mom if he could go to forever 21, down the stairs. When we were done shopping, we came out of the shop with a total of 9 bags full of clothes. Neither of use wanted to carry bags around the mall that we went out to our red mustang and put the bags in the trunk. Reentering the building, I saw Heather (AUNT) and her three kids.

    We all decided to leave the mall and go to Heather Patterson's house for a while. As I hung out with my older cousins (DAKOTA & TRISTAN), Trinity came in Dakota's room, where I was, and asked if I wanted to play chutes and ladders when her. Tristan walked in and said, "Trinity, your not a baby!" She snapped back at him saying, "Your wrong because i'm only tree. 3 hours had passed. 

    In that amount of time, I had played a couple games with Trinity, played video games with Dakota, and skateboarded with Tristan and his friends around the block for a while. Eventually, it got to be 9:00 and it was time to go. On the way home, we passed by a real bad accident. I said, "Mom, I hope that that does not happen to us." "I hope not too, sweetie!!" But then I realized that I had jinxed it.

     As we were flipping in the vehicle, I started to think that if I didn't say anything about it then we wouldn't have been in this mess to begin with. "Why would I ever say that kind of stuff out loud, when I know what will happen." So after someone called the ambulance. The ambulance had to come really fast because my mom was starting to die slowly. I thought to myself, "What would I do if my mom died?"

    It would break my heart to see her died. She is the best mom in the entire world no matter what happens. But today might change my life. I was also thinking that if she did die, where would I stay or what would I eat? But I couldn't get my mind off of my mom.




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