All it takes is HOPE!!

It is about a girl and a miracale


2. 2 days later...

     2 days later, Shelby and my dad had come home. That next morning, he woke Shelby and I up for school. He ask me what was wrong with mom. When I had explained everything that happened, he kept freaking out thinking if she was going to live. When I got to school, I was still on crutches and I had to go talk to Mrs. Penelope.

     When I told her, the only thing that she said was, "That's ok, but get better!" I told her thanks. When Shelby and I got picked up by our dad, he said that something was wrong with mom, that she's in the hospital right now. So we went to UMC to see her. She was worst than what she started as.

   "She's.... dead, " our dad said. We were all so devastated. I kept asking god to help her. And then, a miracle happened. She came back to life.

     She was dead for about a good hour and all of a sudden she became alive again. We were all so overjoyed. We asked the doctor how long she would have to stay at the hospital. "She does not have to stay, she can go home because she is all the way healed!" the Doctor said. I had thanked him for his help.

     Then I had prayed to the lord again and thanked him for helping my mom. 2 days later, at home again, our mom, Shelby, our dad and I all went to CiCi's to go eat lunch. On the way home, we passed a wreck and Shelby said, "I hope that doesn't happen to us." "No, Shelby, stop, do say that!" I had said. She asked why, but I didn't have to explain anything.

    As in the past, we were flipping in circles again. But instead of my mom getting hurt, it was me. I was put in another wheelchair again. But this time, I have to stay in it for 5 months. But my cheer meet is in two weeks.

     A week later, I was freaking out because I am a flyer and I won't be able to be at the meet. The day of the competition, I woke up and I could walk.... while not using my wheelchair. I was scared and happy. But how was this possible? So when I walked down stairs, I told my mom.

    But she thought that I was lying and said that I needed to get back in my wheelchair. So instead of listening to her, I went to the bathroom. She said, "Sweetie, come here please!" So I did. "Yes, mom?" 

     "You can walk without your wheelchair." I told her that, that is what I tried to tell her, but she wouldn't listen. "You aren't going to school because I am taking you to the doctor!" "OK, mom."








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