The Ice Shadow

Akemi was born into Kori no Mura, a cold village with a dark history, and is current heir as Korikage.
Her Father is strict and she is rather disliked by her peers, in fear of her strong abilities and unpredictable behaviour.
But like most ninjas, Akemi's life is far from going to go smooth sailing. There are her hurdles she needs to jump, decisions she needs to make, and her her own path she needs to follow.
But will she be able to follow the path she oh-so desires?


1. Prologue


My name is Akemi, daughter of the fifth Korikage, and current sixth Korikage of Kuri no Mura. 


You could say I may not have had the greatest starts in life, but I cannot complain. I would not have made it to where I am now if those minor setbacks hadn't have occurred. 


From the beginning, I can firstly say I was born premature and severely ill, so there was a chance my body would not develop fully. It was a huge gamble as to whether I would survive or not. Luckily for us all, Mother was a medical nin, and a very good one at that, and she found a solution to the situation. But it came at a cost. She had experimented with chakra in the past and discovered a way to use it to replace blood transfusion ie. chakra will be put in blood bags instead of actual blood. It can be used to generate new blood cells to replace the ones lost. Kinda like stem cells, but a more abundant form and more easy to access without dangerous, time consuming operations. Anyway, a donation of chakra was required to keep me alive, but because of my bloodline (the Korikage bloodline) only a direct relative's chakra would be accepted by my body. The only person that could be a donor was Father, and I must be grateful, because Father is a strong man and to sacrifice his chakra to keep me alive could have put us in danger. I'll come to the history of Kori no Mura later. Because of my Father's powerful chakra, my body, cells and organs became highly energised, so I grew and developed very quickly and was guaranteed survivial, much to the joy of my family and the village alike. Why the whole village you ask? Well, I ever since my birth, the next in line to the Kage name was declared.

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