The Ice Shadow

Akemi was born into Kori no Mura, a cold village with a dark history, and is current heir as Korikage.
Her Father is strict and she is rather disliked by her peers, in fear of her strong abilities and unpredictable behaviour.
But like most ninjas, Akemi's life is far from going to go smooth sailing. There are her hurdles she needs to jump, decisions she needs to make, and her her own path she needs to follow.
But will she be able to follow the path she oh-so desires?


8. Chapter 7

"Ronin!" Father shouted at his demon, and immediately Ronin grunted slightly before opening his mouth and releasing a dark blue orb. 

It spread into what looked like a spiralling hole with no end to it. This must be the gateway between Kori no Mura and the rest of the world. Of course you can get to Kori no Mura without the gateway, but it is much quicker and less hassle. Otherwise you would have to travel seas and scale uninhabitable terrains to get there.

Father gently nudged me forward into the gateway. It sucked me in rather roughly, but it wasn't either painful or difficult. Around me was split seconds of spirally white and dark blue, but as soon as Father stepped in himself, it all disappeared and we were outside the gates of my home village.

I couldn't help but sigh in relief as the cold, fresh, snow swept wind hit me in the face, cooling me down instantly and the flush that covered my cheeks disappeared. 

But then I came to terms with something. Father had not spoken to me since we left Atogakure, so I could tell that words couldn't describe how mad he was. He stepped inside the gates with me in tow and as soon as he was inside, he looked up to the walls defence, where two shinobi were standing, one on each side of the gate, and nodded to them. The gates were shut quickly. Oh, he was definitely mad.


Father opened the door to the house and immediately I was swept up by arms and I immediately could tell, by the scent of the person, that the arms belonged to Mother.

"Akemi...Oh Akemi...My little girl. Where the Hell did you go?" her eyes were bloodshot and I could tell she was crying, "Why did you run away?"

"I found her in Atogakure." Father replied deeply. His voice was loud and harsh, and his eyes didn't draw away from mine.

"Atogakure?!" Mother gasped and grasped my shoulders, "How did you get there?"

"Aimi." Father replied again, "I shall have that beast detained until she is older. She is clearly too young for the responsibilities I entrusted her with."

My head hung in shame, I knew it. All the trust he had in me is gone. I should not have run away. But no matter what, I do not regret saving Okami. That is something I will not reconsider.

Thank you Akemi. Okami replied to my thoughts.

"Surely that's a little harsh?" Mother whispered, stroking my hair, "I personally find it rather impressive that she was able to fly all that way."

"Impressive?!" Father snapped, "She ran away because she knew she did something wrong! She sealed a demon inside her body. She is completely unstable. You should have seen what she did to some of the shinobi of Atogakure. She sent them flying off of their feet! That was the demon!"

"I know, dear, but..."

"The agreement we had was nearly broken today, and that was down to her and her stupid, foolish actions! We cannot afford to have another war! We are on the tipping point with the other villages and it will only take one more slip and we are doomed!"

"Now that is just exaggeration." Mother knew it wasn't but she was trying so hard to calm Father down, but by the sound of Father's loud, rugged breathing he was no calmer.

"Akemi?" I heard another voice call from upstairs, "Are you back?" It was Taichi.

"Taichi?" I called back up to him, and almost immediately he was down the stairs and engulfing me in a hug. This was completely out of character for him.

He sighed into my hair, "Don't you ever do that to me again, you hear me?! I was worried sick! Me and my squad left the village to try and find you. I thought you would have died in that blizzard." his voice sounded like it was breaking, "Don't do that to me again."

My eyes started to get warm and I could feel the tears forming.

A knock sounded at the door. It opened almost immediately afterwards and two medical nin walked in, wearing face masks.

"Are we ready to quarantine the holder?" one asked, "My Lord?"

Father looked towards the nin and then back at me, "She is ready."


My world went into slow motion. Hands reached out to grab me, but I was pushed away by Mother, who held out her free hand to deflect one of the ninja. He was lifted off the ground and crashed into the wall. The second managed to get around, but Mother was fast and used her jutsu to paralyse him with just the tip of her finger. He too fell to the floor.

She then turned to Father, "What are you doing?"

Father didn't flinch at the harsh words and remained still, his hands behind his back, "Akemi needs to go into quarantine so Okami can be extracted back out of her body."

"What?! And when were you going to discuss this with me?!" Mother snapped.

"I wasn't, so that this confrontation wouldn't happen."

"Do you think that I would allow you to do this? And there is no way in Hell I am going to run tests on my own daughter, who is happy and healthy." Mother snapped, her being the top medical nin in the village.

"Akemi is completely unstable and needs to be stabilised, before she potentially wreaks havoc." Father continued, "It's the last thing I want for Akemi, but she needs to be tested on."

"Father..." I whispered, looking up with fear filled eyes, "Have I let you down?"

He froze and looked at me, hesitating for a second, "Yes and no. Yes because you tried to escape your home and do some foolish acts, but no because you are my daughter and you will never let me down. You have been doing so well at the academy and with your studies and I don't want you to blow it for some...some demon who could ruin your body eventually."

Strong arms grabbed my arms from behind. Nobody realised two more medical nin coming in through the kitchen.

"Akemi!" both Mother and Taichi cried out.

I gasped loudly and tried to struggle against their grips, but I couldn't feel myself getting any looser, "Mother?" I called out for help, but that was when I noticed her in Father's arms. She was asleep. Father used a jutsu on her.

"Akemi!" Taichi charged at the the nin holding me, a kunai gripped in his palm, and he successfully knocked out one of them, but when he reached out for the second one, Father did the same thing. Taichi's eyes went wide, before they slowly closed and he collapsed.

"I'm sorry Akemi." Father walked over to me, holding a syringe with a horrid looking needle sticking out of it, "This is the last thing I wanted for you." he inserted the needle into the arm the medical nin was holding in a tourniquet like grip.

My body went numb almost immediately. I felt so sleepy and dizzy...

All went black. 

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