The Ice Shadow

Akemi was born into Kori no Mura, a cold village with a dark history, and is current heir as Korikage.
Her Father is strict and she is rather disliked by her peers, in fear of her strong abilities and unpredictable behaviour.
But like most ninjas, Akemi's life is far from going to go smooth sailing. There are her hurdles she needs to jump, decisions she needs to make, and her her own path she needs to follow.
But will she be able to follow the path she oh-so desires?


2. Chapter 1 - The History

 Many years ago, the land that we now call home was nothing more than a No Man's Land. Not a single soul would set foot on this land. In fact, it was a place of punishment and isolation. Those who ever became rogue in a Hidden Village were emigrated to this very place, where there is no heat for warmth, no materials for shelter and no tools for survival. They were left with nothing more than there own clothes for comfort and themselves for company.

That is...until one man came along.


A man, with a name unknown to everyone, was caught trying to sell the hidden techniques of Suna on the black market. Nothing but a filthy bounty hunter trying to earn is way. He was accused, convicted, and guilty of murder, theft and treason and sentenced to isolation in No Man's Land to die, a cold, harsh death. But this man...was not just a mere bounty hunter. He was also strong. An ex-jonin from Suna.
With nothing but jutsu, he adapted to the cold, harsh winters, set up many defence mechanisms and built his own empire.
A cry for help sounded in the distance. Raspy...sweet. A woman, young and witty. It was love at first sight for this man.

"Stay with me. Where you will be warm and safe." she took his hand without hesitation.

Day by day, they grew stronger, until they reached the right moment to reach out to others. To start a new life as a village. To start afresh. Those who refused peace were left to die. Those who were truly apologetic were brought back to the safety of the walls.
In the end, around two hundred emigrants were saved.

The man and woman married, had children, and lived as a family should. Nobody ever remembered the creator of the village as being a bounty hunter. To them, he was their saviour...their hope...their leader.

"Your Korikage." he declared, standing above his people and adjusting his headgear, "We are Kori no Mura. We are strong. We are fighters. We are family." he always brought out the best in people. During his long thirty year reign, he saved over two thousand people, not just from the cold, but also from the darkness. The village grew stronger, stable and powerful. The First may have never mentioned his name, but to the villagers, he was only addressed as the First Korikage.


The Great Nations were shocked with such news that No Man's Land became an empire all of its own. But they agreed to not interfere. In fact, they saw the good in the First Korikage's actions and agreed to help. They sent the essentials, food, raw materials and tools so Kori no Mura could flourish to the former glory of all the other Hidden Villages.


We were now Kuri no Mura. The Hidden Ice Village.


The alliance between all lands continued, through the second, third and fourth Korikage. All of which were a direct descendent of each other. The villagers could see the First Korikage within all of them, and they all had the power to equalise what his once was.

However, it was at that moment the lands began to fight. A shinobi war broke out. Blood, darkness, hatred. The mighty villages all up against one another. Kori no Mura was useless, having alliances on all sides, it was with a heavy heart the fourth Korikage chose to back out of the war. But at a cost. The other villages were enraged by such 'cowardice' and broke their connection. We stopped getting the help we needed to keep the village running. With no fertile land we could grow no crops on our own, rear no cattle on our own, survive on our own. That is when we launched an attack of our own.

Our attack was vicious. Blood of all of the villages, including our own, was spilt. We fought, not for power, not for strength, but for our survival. We may be ancestors of convicts, but we are different. We are loyal. And although we lessened the number of rivals astonishingly for the small village we are, there were still many of them and most of us died. Fortunately, we still have our ancestors' strong wills and almost inhumane abilities. We may be a peaceful village, but we still have the wild aggression that our ancestors obtained in their lives and taught to their offspring.

The Fourth Korikage was lost during the battle. That was when Father stood in as the next in line. As soon as the headpiece descended onto his head, he was now the Fifth Korikage of Kori no Mura. He used the kekkai genkai of pure Korikage leaders. The ability to make their inner demon a living, ice specie. He had Ronin, his lion, for pride and strength. He made peace with the other villages, but we never became allies with them again. They agreed to send our essentials, but only for us to leave them alone in return. It cannot really be said that Kori no Mura became peaceful again. We were literally on a fine line. One false step and the other villages will come for us, to spill the blood they haven't already shed. Only two hundred villagers survived the war, but we never lost our willpower. We were, after all, Kori no Mura, and that will always stay with us. 

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