Lightningstar's Journey

Lightningkit was struck by lightning when he was 4 moons old. He survived by a miracle from Starclan, but it left a mark. Along his flank, his fur doesn't and it's charred beyond repair. He get's teased and shunned by his littermates, and he is utterly alone. Starclan had said to him that he was destine to be a leader, but he doubts himself, and the more he does, the more dangerous he becomes.


2. The Lightning Strike

     A flame colored cat padded out of the shelter of the trees of Starclan.  His gaze was set on another cat, a blue she cat that looked out to the waters of the oceans.  Next to her was a golden cat with yellow eyes, also gazing out to the oceans.  They were on the edge of Starclan before they entered the human's Starclan world.  Both turned around to greet the flame colored cat.  

     "Bluestar, Sunstar, fair hunting?"  The flame cat greeted them.

     "Firestar, it is good to see you again, my friend."  Bluestar, replied.  The leaves rustled again and another cat came into view.  However, this was not a cat that had crossed into Starclan, but rather a cat that was invited to join them on this particular day. He was a dark brown tabby cat, with amber eyes, and very alert with what was happening.

     "Firestar, Bluestar, and..."  The cat greeted the two leaders before him, but did not know the third.  Sunstar stepped forward to introduce himself.

     "I am Sunstar, leader before Bluestar, it is good to meet you Bramblestar."  Both cats stepped forward and touched their muzzles to each other's shoulders.

     "I hate to break this up, but we have something that we must do tonight."  Firestar gazed intently at the two with his orange eyes, as Bluestar looked to both cats.  Stepping forward, Bluestar touched her paw to the waters of the ocean, and an image of the Thunderclan camp appeared.  Three kits could be seen, all 4 moons old.  The biggest of the three, a rusty colored male cat, pounced on a moss ball and squashed it with his paw.  

     "Ha!  I got it!"  He boasted to his fellow littermates.

     "No fair, Rustykit!  You always get it!"  Squealed the tortoiseshell she kit.  Clouds had begun to form over the lake of the Clans, and thunder rolled along lazily with it.  

     "Must we do this again, Daisykit?  You know that I'm the biggest kit, and will always get the moss!  Try again tomorrow."  Slinking past his littermates, he launched himself atop a jutted out rock and looked out into the forests.

     "I'm going to be leader, It's what I'm meant to be.  I will rise to the top!"  Rustykit puffed his chest out, and lay down on the rock as if imagining his life as leader.

     Bluestar's eyes held an amused look as she watched Rustykit.  

     "Reminds me of you, Firestar, except, I didn't see you as a kit."  Snorting, Firestar replied,

     "Are you saying, that when I came into the clans, I was as rowdy as this young kit was?"

     "More or less...anyway, he has a destiny, and we, sadly must make that come true."  Looking to Sunstar and Firestar, she commanded them once again.

     "Hold Bramblestar back, you know how leaders get."  Nodding, they stepped in front of them.

     "Why do I need to be head back?  Bluestar!"  Trying to get past the two older leaders, he failed desperately, and had to settle back on his haunches.  While this was happening, Bluestar hit the water with her paw with such force, that the water rippled and disrupted the image.  When it cleared, the image that was now seen was devastating.  

     Rustykit lay on the rock, half his right flank charred off, and the rest of his fur was standing on end.  He was limp and had no life left in it, it seemed.  

     "NO!!!"  Bramblestar snarled at the leaders and lunged at them.  Though he couldn't land a blow, he kept on trying until Firestar pinned him down and didn't let him up.

     "Bramblestar!  Control yourself!  The kit is not dead, but rather here, in Starclan.  He is to receive a message.  But you must go.  One last thing, when he becomes stronger, you are to rename him Lightningkit."  With that, Bramblestar felt a push and woke up back in his den.  Bolting out of his den, he went down to see what had happen.

     "Welcome, Rustykit."  Sunstar greeted the kit as he appeared in Bramblestar's place.  The kit's fur was not charred off, or even damaged in the slightest.  His eyes were frightened but he did well to hide it in his emotions behind a strong, defiant eye.

     "You are a strong kit, and as you said, destine to be leader one day.  Except, you will become one under the teasing of your littermates and the cats of your clans.  Your will, is the only thing strong enough to guide you.  Don't underestimate the power you hold in your paws, its stronger than any other power that is in the world."  Firestar proclaimed.

     "What is that power?"  The young kit demanded, still trying to hide his fear of the new world.  

     "Peace, young kit.  It will be alright.  You are in Starclan, there is only peace here.  You don't need to be afraid."  Bluestar had now stepped forward, and her presence had seemed to calm the kit.  His eyes became more comfortable, and she reached down and touched noses with him.

     "Please, I have to go back!"  

     "You will my kit, but your body needs time to heal.  We will send you back.  Come and walk with us for a little.  Tread among Starclan, and your ancestors as well."  Flicking her tail, she signaled for the kit to follow her.  As he stepped in line beside her, Firestar and  Sunstar walked behind them talking quietly about this or that, mostly relating to what was happening down in the Clan.  Bluestar lead them back to the heart of Starclan.  As they were going, they passed the Dark Forest, and a shady figure came and lunged out of the forest.  Before the kit could see it's face however, Firestar launched himself on top of him and tackled him back into the Dark Forest.

     As he padded back he opened his mouth to say something to the kit, but he was cut short by Bluestar.

     "Rustykit, that was a Dark Forest cat.  Very bad cats that have lived among the clans.  You are never to go to them or believe anything they say.  They want you, because you have something they will never have."  Looking up at her, he inquired one last time.

     "What do I have?"  

     "Young kit, you must remember that those cat's once had a family like you, but they possessed nothing but greed.  There are some in the Dark Forest that want to possess the power that would turn many cats over to their side, only to be blindsided into where they were really going.  You, my kit, have the power of undying love."

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