Lightningstar's Journey

Lightningkit was struck by lightning when he was 4 moons old. He survived by a miracle from Starclan, but it left a mark. Along his flank, his fur doesn't and it's charred beyond repair. He get's teased and shunned by his littermates, and he is utterly alone. Starclan had said to him that he was destine to be a leader, but he doubts himself, and the more he does, the more dangerous he becomes.


4. Lesson Learned

     Jayfeather walked in a few seconds after Bramblestar had left.  His blue unseeing eyes bore into Rustykit's flank making him shift with the uncomfortableness of it.  Shifting as to shed the gaze of the medicine cat, he completely rolled over without meaning to.  

     Rustykit had heard stories of how Jayfeather was able to walk in other cats dreams, and able to see and hear the memories of them as well, but the after the Great Battle, Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionheart had all lost their powers.  Rustykit still felt, though, that Jayfeather knew exactly what was going on in his mind.  

     "Rustykit, you went to Starclan when you were struck by lightning.  They told you something, though I do not what to know what.  What I do know, is that you are destine to be something great, and respected.  There will always be obstacles in your way.  Even now more than ever.  Your leader, mother, and siblings are all worried.  All three of your siblings are apprentices, and you didn't even see the ceremony.  You are fit to being your apprenticeship, but you are holding yourself back.  Bramblestar is going to hold two ceremonies for you in three sunrises."  Padding back out, Jayfeather left the den and was soon out of earshot.  

     Sighing, Rustykit closed his eyes, though sleep did not come.  Tossing and turning, and finally giving up, he rose to his paws.  Giving a test stretch, his flank did not completely comply with the whole stretch, but it did not hurt anymore.  Taking a deep breath, he padded out into the clearing.  

     Mousewisker was sharing a squirrel with Sandstorm, and a patrol lead by Dovewing came back supplying the fresh kill pile even more.  Right behind them, Ivypool with her apprentice Snowpaw, were also coming back into camp.  Flowerpaw and Needlepaw were nowhere to be seen.  Ever since they became apprentices they never visited him. He thought sadley.  The last time they visited him, they didn't seem like they even wanted to talk to him.  

     "Rustykit!  Come and sit by us!"  Sandstorm called from her spot in the clearing.  Reluctantly his padded over with his head down.  

     "Sandstorm, Mousewhisker."  Shame burned through him for no reason, but the fact that his pelt was so different, he was afraid the other cats would judge him for it.  Sympathy was held in both the cats eyes as he lay down beside them.  Mousewhisker pushed some of the squirrel toward him.

     "Eat."  Shaking his head, he rejected the food.

     "No thanks, I'm not hungry."  Lashing her tail, her eyes gave nothing away as she persisted to push the squirrel over to him.

     "Eat.  Rustykit."  Shaking his head, he mumbled something under his breath.

     "Can you repeat that please, Rustykit?"  Sandstorm jumped in the conversation, her green eyes now filled with concern.  

     "I'm not worthy enough to eat with you."  Both she cat's eyes gleamed with dangerous light.  

     "Rustykit, how dare you.  The whole clan has been worried sick about you, and you are just sitting here feeling sorry for yourself.  Yes, what happen was tragic, but you need to see that you are no different then any of us.  Besides your markings, you are a perfectly find, healthy cat."  All the older warriors seemed to be saying the same thing to him all day.  "Rustykit, you can do it, you are fine." or "Learn how to do it your way, you aren't disabled.  You're lucky you didn't end up like Briarlight did.  Starclan blessed you."  

     Feeling more ashamed than ever before, he returned to the medicine cat's den.  Softtail and Jayfeather were talking in hushed voices unaware of Rustykit's approach. 

     "Ah, Rustykit, glad you could join us, Softtail and I were both talking, and I think it's time you go back to the nursery.  When I deem you ready, you will be apprenticed.  Until then, you are still a kit."  Nodding, he exited the den without a word.  Too run down and disappointed to do or say anything, he curled up and closed his eyes.  A little while later, he heard Softtail enter the den and curl up around him.  Murmuring to him, he caught something like,

     "My kit, you will have a hard road, but you will come out stronger and braver than ever before.  You will be so strong my kit, you have been blessed beyond words."

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