Lightningstar's Journey

Lightningkit was struck by lightning when he was 4 moons old. He survived by a miracle from Starclan, but it left a mark. Along his flank, his fur doesn't and it's charred beyond repair. He get's teased and shunned by his littermates, and he is utterly alone. Starclan had said to him that he was destine to be a leader, but he doubts himself, and the more he does, the more dangerous he becomes.


3. A kit's foolishness

     It had been a moon since the accident, and Rustykit had not talked to anyone for any reason.  He was most completely and utterly mute.  By choice.  His flank was forever scarred, and he did not want to face any other cat, littermate or even Bramblestar.  Misery seemed to run his life, making it impossible to even cope with himself.  At 5 moons old, he should be with his other litter mates, and pouncing around.  Instead, his scar kept him hidden to the outside world.

     Through the entrance of the Medicine Cat den, he heard the voice of his mom, Softtail, the leader, Bramblestar, and the two medicine cat's, Jayfeather and Leafpool.  Jayfeather was blind, though he was more than capable of taking care of himself, and his mom, Leafpool had broken the Medicine Cat code by giving birth the Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze.  Hollyleaf had died during the huge battle against the Dark Forest warriors, and had left her mother more determined then ever to save every life she could. 

     Swiveling his ears around to catch their conversation, he concentrated on what they were saying.

     "...I don't think that he's hurting anymore on the outside, Softtail.  He's doing well in exercising, and his flank is intact.  The only thing keeping him from doing what his full potential is, is himself."  Leafpool calmly told Softtail.

     "There must be something you can do, give him berries, herbs, something!"  Softtail said desperately.

     "I'm sorry, this isn't something that you can fix with herbs, it's something that he has to fix with his determination and his will."  Jayfeather replied apologetically. 

    "Let me speak to him."  Bramblestar hadn't said this as a question, but as a definite action he was going to do it whether anyone wanted to or not.  Hearing the footfalls of the leader, Rustykit's eyes snapped shut, pretending to still be asleep.  He heard his leader pause to look at him, and then he began to speak, as if he knew that he wasn't really asleep.

     "Rustykit, you are a perfectly healthy kit, with no un-abilities along the fact that you won't let yourself heal.  You were struck by lightning, and I know that you talked to the three leaders before me, but you cannot keep feeling sorry for yourself.  You lived.  Do you know how against-the-odds that is?  Look, you were injured, but you're also one of the strongest warrior spirits i've seen in a long time.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and learn that the lightning strike that hit you was something that will change you life to the best of it's abilities."  Still ignoring his leader, Rustykit kept his eyes closed. 

     "Your mom is very worried about you.  You're refusing to eat, talk, and move.  It's scaring her.  Yeah, cats are going to make fun of you, but you have to show them that you're not afraid of them.  Tomorrow, you're going to come out of this den, and you're going to eat something.  Otherwise, you're not just letting me down, but your mother and most of all, yourself."  Mewed his leader.  Opening his eyes, Rustykit contradicted his leader.

     "No, I'm not worthy of being a warrior, I'm useless, I'm stupid, I'm scarred for life."  Fury blazed in Bramblestar's eyes as these words left the young kit's mouth.

     "Do you not understand how lucky you were to survive?  StarClan wanted you to come back.  Now, tomorrow, you are going to get up off your behind, and you are going to come out of the medicine cat's den, and you are not going to keep feeling sorry for yourself.  You are more than six moons old now, and you should be an apprentice already, for now, you are going to stay a kit until you begin to act like an apprentice."  Lashing his tail, he stalked out of the den and was out of sight before Rustykit could say anymore.  

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