Where do I belong

Were a girl is bulled by some other kids about how she is ugly and should die, but she ends up taking a liking to a boy. She asks her-self should she get rid of her-self or will she find something in worth living for.


3. Why Me

It was now the end of school I was getting my stuff from my locker when I heard giggling. ‘Oh no!’ I thought. I got my stuff out of my locker fast until I bumped into someone. "Hey FREAK, why were you taking to Hak?" I then realized that it was Monaka with her slaves I mean 'friends'. She said freak boldly. I just kept quiet. "Hey! I asked you a question!" She started to get closer than she was right in front of me. She then punched me in the gut and in my face, after what seemed an hour of punches. She pushed me to the side and started to walk away. "Like I said freak, just die." she laughed and was gone. I sat down in front of the lockers in a ball and cried.


While I was in a ball crying from the intense pain I then heard my phone start to go off, but I didn't answer it. After a couple of minutes I could hear someone yelling my name. "MAY! MAY! WHERE ARE YOU!?" I just sat there, then I saw a shadow above me. "May!?" I looked up and saw Hak "W-what are you d-doing here?" I said in between tears. "I tried to call you several time, but you never answered." "How d-did you get my number?" "I saw your mother and asked her if I could use her phone to call you" I just sat there not even saying a word. "May?" He bend down and took my hands away from my face and looked at me shocked. "May, what happened to you?!" He looked at my beaten up face and blood all over me. "Nothin" I went to get up, but then he forced me back down. "Who did this?" He said in a stern voice. "Mon-" I got cut off by another sob. "Who did this May?!" He said with more force in it. "Monaka!" I said then started to cry again.


He then pulled me into his chest. "How long has she been doing this?" "Five years" "WHAT!?" "I said five years" "Then why didn't you tell anyone?!" "I had no friends, my mom was always busy and the teachers would never listen to me." Hak started to cry. "W-why are you crying!?" "Because that's so sad and I wish I would've done something a long time ago...." He said in between sobs. After a couple of minutes we separated from the long hug. "Come on" He stood up and suck out his hand. "What" I looked at him questionably. "Were going to go fix you up." "Where?" "Well we can't go to your house because your mom said she had to go to work early.....so we're going to my place, ok?" "Alright" We then started to walk out the building and started to walk to his house.

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