Where do I belong

Were a girl is bulled by some other kids about how she is ugly and should die, but she ends up taking a liking to a boy. She asks her-self should she get rid of her-self or will she find something in worth living for.


4. There's More To Him Than I thought

We finally made it to his house after a couple of minutes. His house was big, it had two stories and it was a white house with a red door/ shutters. We made it the front door, then he pulled out a keychain and then took one of the keys and opened tho door. He then held the door for me then shut it behind him. I took off my shoes and put them on the shoe mat. "MOM! I'M HOME" Hak yelled. He turned to me and said "Sorry May if my house is-" "Oh it's fine my house is a lot worse" He took me into the hallway bathroom, he picked me up and sat me on the counter. "My mom is a novelists...well you know she writes novels." He said getting out a first aid kit from the medicine cabinets. "Really I write books, but their not very good." "Nah. I bet they're pretty good. Hey! Maybe you  can show my mom some of your books and see what she thinks?" "I don't want to bother her. Plus she looks really busy." I scrunched up my nose because of the pain from the rubbing alcohol. "I"m sorry, but it will only hurt for a little while so please try to bear the pain." Hak then got done with cleaning my wounds and put the rubbing alcohol back under the cabinet. “Thank you Hak. I so sorry you had to do this.” “Now you’re being nice eh?” “HEY!” “Sorry, s-sorry” He said in between laughs. I turned my head and saw a clock. I looked at the time and my eyes widened. “Hak! I’m so sorry, but I need to go home,now!”


“Well I’m not letting you go home by yourself, so I’m walking you home, May” “But-” “No” I sighed because I knew it was pretty point less to even try an convince him not to walk me home. I looked over at him. “Fine, you can walk me home” Hak smiled at me and started out the door once we got outside. He froze and just stood their. I smirked to myself “Oh thats right! You don’t know where I live do you?” “No” “As I though” I walked on to the sidewalk on the side of the street and took a right turn. I than pointed down the road. “I don’t live too far from here, just a couple of blocks down” He looked all the way down their and sweat dropped. “Well let’s go then….”He said with a smudged face and moved sluggish. I looked at him and laughed “Oh come on! I thought you were an athlete!” An with that we started down the road.


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