Where do I belong

Were a girl is bulled by some other kids about how she is ugly and should die, but she ends up taking a liking to a boy. She asks her-self should she get rid of her-self or will she find something in worth living for.


1. Places I’ve Never Been

It was a normal day, sunny and hot. It was Monday, out of all the other days, it had to be Monday. You see I had certain problems with a group of girls. They were the popular girls, I know it's so cliche and sounds like every other movie or novel, but it's true. Same as always, never cared about anyone else. They thought that they were better than anyone else. I was walking down the hallway minding my own business. When one of my bullies named Monaka, pushed me which made me drop my books. She looked at me and laughed “That’s what good for nothings get! You should just give up already!” She flipped her hair and then walked away with her groupies following her. After she left I picked up my books and started to make my way to class. Once I got to class I went to my chair.While sitting there reading my book. I heard someone ask “Hey are you okay?”. I thought they were talking to someone else because no one really talks to me. I then saw a hand wave in front of my face. I peeked up from my book and saw a boy with crystal blues eyes, blonde hair, tall and somewhat muscular. He then asked again “Hey, are you okay there?” I put my book down “Yea, I’m fine”. He looked at me with a concerned look “Well it doesn’t look like it May” I looked at him shockingly because not alot of people know my name. I looked at him confusedly. “Wait do I know you?” He then proceeded to talk. “Y’a know you should know your classmates names and faces” “Well what's the point when nobody talks to me” The teacher walked in “Alright everyone class is about to begin, so take your seats” He started to walk away. I called out to him. “You're the one who said I need to know the faces and names of my classmates. So you should tell me, so I can get a head start.” He smirked “The names Hak, Hak Waters” and with that he walked away and took his seat.


I sat there listening to music, which I had one headphone in that way I could hear the teacher talked about Romeo and Juliet., how their love was so strong not even god could break it. I thought if their love was so great and all why did one kill oneself than the other? Why, well it's simple they just couldn't live without each other. If one dies, the other kills themself that way they can go see each other in peace, known as heaven.  The bell finally rang, I got up, grabbed my stuff and walked to my next class. As always, I'm the only one there because everyone else hangs out in the hallways and talks to their friends. The only reason why I'm not doing that right now is because I don't have any. Now that I think about it, the name Hak Water sounds familiar. Oh! I know why because he is a basketball player. Wait why would he talk to me? I Don't Know. Probably looking for someone to talk to, I thought to myself. I sat down in my seat, it isn't my assigned seat but I always sat there. I was reading my favorite book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone. I was in the part were Lord Voldemort is battling Harry Potter. When someone tapped my shoulder.  I didn't look away from my book "What do you want Hak?" He looked at me surprisingly "How did you know it was me!?" "you're the only one that talks to me" I said bluntly. Then I focused back on my book.

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