Where do I belong

Were a girl is bulled by some other kids about how she is ugly and should die, but she ends up taking a liking to a boy. She asks her-self should she get rid of her-self or will she find something in worth living for.


2. My First Friend

He looked at the wall for a second and then back at me "Well than can I be your friend?" he asked. Right as he said that it felt like the whole world froze. No one has ever asked to be my friend and to be honest with you I never thought about having friends, but I was so excited. I put my book down and turned to face him "I would love that, Hak!" I smiled brightly at him. He smiled back at me "Great!" Just at that time it felt like the whole world stopped and it was just me and him. He was so handsome when he smiled. Then I saw someone waving their hand in front of me. It was Hak "Hello? Earth to  May." I shook my head and looked at him "What!?" "Well you kind of looked like you was spaced out." "Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking of something" He gave me a smirk "Oh, really. What was you thinking about, May?"  I started to blush. "Um I was thinking about the air molecules? Yes, the air molecules!" I said a little too loud. Hak looked at me and shook his head "Y'a know you are so weird sometimes." My face sadden "That's what alot of people say about me" Hak looked at me and realized what he just said "May, I didn't mean that I'm so sorry!" "Don't worry about it I’m used to it" He looked down at his feet, then the teacher walked in "Good morning class! Please take your seats!"


After that Hak went to his seat and sat there not even taking notes. He then fell asleep,  after a couple of minutes in to class, so I did his notes. The bell rang and I saw Hak still asleep so I went over to him and looked at him. He was so cute asleep. Anyway I poked his cheek and he did nothing, so I kept doing that and I finally got to my breaking point so I dropped kicked his chair and he fell out. Hak suddenly jumped up and yelled "Why the fudge would you-" He then realized it was me. "Oh sorry May" He looked down at the floor. I looked at him with guilt. "Oh, it's okay and I'm sorry I did that it's just I saw you fall asleep and all. So I did your notes for you and I know that their are plenty of other girls who would-" I got cut off by Hak hugging me. "Thank you!" He then mumbled something. "What?" I pulled away from the hug. "I said I am so glad I met you" "Why?" "Because you're the only girl who treats me like a normal person and don't fan-girl over me." "Well you're welcome then. Anyway here." I handed him his notes and started to walk away then Hak called for me. "Bye May!" He smiled brightly. "See y'a" I smiled back.

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