A collection of very personal poems

These have all happened,
Yes they may be sad,
But i had to let it out ,
Or I would have gone mad.


1. A very personal poem- The Ex-Best-Friend.

You think about her every day
Too much
Too much.
In the bookstore
You find her favourite book
You have to leave.

All those memories
Too many
Too many.
On school trip
Gossiping about things that no longer matter.

You think about how you could still be friends
If you had put up with those things she said
But they hurt you
They hurt you.
They literally 
(And physically)
Cut deep.

You would politely say 'this upset me"
But "she was joking"
But she wasn't.
Did she do these things out of spite
Or was there something wrong with you?

So you left
Tried to cut it off
But you failed
But you failed.
You let her partially back again
But she upset you
One more time

You stopped talking to her
Tried to cut it off again
But "doctor, my symptoms of missing you are getting worse, 
what If I die, would you care?"

And you erupt, listing all her wrongdoings 
You doubt yourself
You feel guilty

Your other friend stops putting effort into meeting up,
And cancels on you all the time 
They send kisses to each other all the time
It gets on your nerves so much

You have told yourself that you no longer care about either of them,
but you do, and you can't stop caring
However hard you try.

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