The Perfect One

Finding 'The Perfect One' is every girls dream. But only some are lucky to find him, and so Avery is set on finding her 'Perfect One'.

The story unfolds as Avery's jealousy of her best friend's relationship with her boyfriend, consumes her and she makes a deal with the school's notorious bad boy, Mason Carter.

He was going to help her find 'The Perfect One'.

But there was a catch.

Will Avery agree to Mason's demand?

Or will she refuse him outright?


1. »● The Perfect One ●« [1]

In our lives we all seek for that one person we wish to share our love with; the person with whom we cherish our memories; the same person with whom we’d like to grow old with. And I, like many other people wish the same.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Aren’t you a little young for wanting something like that?” But I have to disagree. Love has no age. I’ve seen relationships break due to the lack of trust, honesty and love. And I just wish and hope that I find someone who I can be with.

“Avery!” A voice yelled from behind me, shortly distracting me from my thoughts. I closed the book that I was writing in and hid it in my bag.

“Yeah, Megs?” I asked, turning towards my best friend.

Flipping her blonde hair back in her signature move, she giggled hysterically. “You’ll never guess what Jordan got me.”

“Chocolates? Roses?” I replied in a monotone voice. It was pretty obvious since she was holding the gifts in her hand.

“Oh my god, yes. Don’t you think he’s a sweetheart?” She said dreamily, waving at someone behind me.

Turning around I saw that she was waving at her infamous boyfriend Jordan. He stood with his fellow cronies leaning against the cafeteria wall. Smiling in his direction, I waved as he acknowledged me.

“So did you get any?” Megan smiled, poking me to get my attention.

Rubbing my arm where she had poked me, I looked confused at her. “Get what?”

I watched as Megan’s smiling face, changed to pure shock. Her hands instantly flung to the side of her hips as she looked at me disapprovingly.

“Please tell me you remember its Valentine’s Day today.” She whispered darkly.

Looking around the cafeteria I finally realised what day it was. I wasn’t a very observant person, but how could I have not missed all the balloons and cards, and romance in the air?

“I didn’t realise…” I muttered feeling extremely foolish for not knowing.

 “Well at least you’ve realised now.” Megan sighed and then reached to grab my hand. “Come on. Let’s go to Jordan.”

Before I could even refuse, she had dragged me towards him and his cronies. They all stood casually leaning against the painted wall talking to each other. As soon as we approached them Jordan grabbed a hold of Megan’s hand and reeled her in.

“Hey, Sweet cheeks” He smiled grinning down at her as she giggled shyly. I watched as Megan’s face turned bright red like the roses she had received and the both of them started whispering to each other.

They both seemed to have completely forgotten I was here, so I cleared my throat to make them aware of my presence. But Jordan and Megan were so enveloped in each other they didn’t even respond to my extremely loud throat clearing noise.

“Feeling left out little one?” A recognisable voice laughed from my side. Without even turning around I knew who it was.

Scowling I turned around and looked at the bulky football player stood in front of me.

“What do you want?” I stated feeling irritated by his presence. Ryan let out a deep laugh as he plastered a smile across his face.

“Someone seems to be extra moody today.” He smiled rubbing his chin thoughtfully. If Ryan had approached me it meant that he wanted something.

“So what I wanted to ask was,” He said glancing at the couple who were still engaged with each other. “Do you have a spare copy of the Physics sheet Mr Brooks gave?”

Ryan had asked me for something related to school. That is by far the most hilarious thing ever. Trying not to laugh, I unzipped my bag and rummaged through it.

Amongst all my books, I finally found a spare Physic sheet right at the bottom. “Here you go.” I said handing it over him.

Ryan took the piece of paper instantly and exclaimed with relief. “Thank god. Brooks would have killed me.”

Before I could even say anything back to him, a voice interrupted us both. “Ryan! Come over here.”

Ryan turned around, his tall form no longer blocking the view behind him. Behind him I saw the person who had spoken. It was Mason: Mason Carter.

Mason Carter is the school’s notorious bad boy and quarterback star. It’s been over a year or so since he came to our school and since that day he’s been the constant topic of every human being in this school.

The teachers praised him of his constant high grades, the guys of the school praised him for his exceptional skills in football and the girls could not stop ogling him like he was Channing Tatum.

Standing in front of me, I watched as his sea blue eyes looked inquisitively at me.

“Hey Mason.” Jordan said moving forward and giving a man-hug to Mason. It seemed that he and Megan had finished ignoring everyone around them. Megan moved over towards me nudging me in the direction of Mason, who was still looking at me.

“Mason Carter.” Mason stated, stepping forward and stretching his hand out for a handshake. Looking down at his hand and then at his face, I tried to figure out why he was introducing himself.

“I know.” I replied, not realising that this made a cocky grin appear on his face.

“You are?” He asked curiously combing his hand through his brown styled hair.


“It’s Avery Taylor.” Megan blurted giggling beside me. I scowled at Megan who was grinning mischievously at me. Turning back towards Mason, I saw him look at Megan and it seemed as if he recognised her. Within a second or so his expression resumed back to what it was before.

“Coach said he wanted to speak to us.” Mason stated taking his gaze away from Megan and looking at Jordan and Ryan. The both of them nodded and got up to follow Mason to see the Coach. Megan leapt forward and pressed her lips on Jordan giving him a small kiss. At that moment I watched as Mason rolled his eyes with what seemed like disgust. His gaze swept away from them and landed on me once again, instantly his expression went back to neutral.

‘What was his problem?’ I muttered, as they walked out of the canteen and towards the playing field.


(A/N): Hope you guys like this chapter :)


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