The Story of Lady Hemlock

Lady Hemlock is one of the few residents of the Habaran Forests on the continent of Dartha. ***ON HIATUS, PENDING REWRITE***


2. The Healer

When she awoke, it was dark all around her. Lady Hemlock jumped up, the sound of crickets and other insects chirping were absent, which was very strange since it was the middle of summer. The moon was new, it was completely pitch black,  a cool breeze blew through the cracks in her house and filled Hemlock with chills. An eerie silence filled the air and Hemlock sensed that someone was nearby.

"Is anyone there?" she asked into the void. No one answered but the floorboards creaked. Lady Hemlock got nervous and instantly remembered a spell.

"Pyra manus" she whispered. A fire appeared on her palm and lit up the room, no one was there. She heard a growl, the sound emanated from under her bed. She broke out in a cold sweat and quickly jumped from her bed and onto the floor near the door. When she landed, the floor creaked and a black furry paw shot from under the bed. The growling continued as her bed rose up and fell over to the side of the room. With her fire, she could see the beast in front of her, a Black Shuck. Called this for the overall dark and doglike appearance, they only come out when the moon is shrouded and new.  

Lady Hemlock screamed, the beast cowered and something in Hemlock's mind clicked. 

"Baul, you big dummy! What are you doing in my house at this time of night?" she yelled. Baul sunk down to the floor and whined. "What am I gonna do with you?" 

Hemlock walked around him and fixed her bed, she made it as Baul watched curiously. She walked past Baul again to the kitchen, she scanned the cabinets with her hand outstretched. The flame illuminated the cabinets and she took a little jar of something that resembled jelly, yet it was electric blue. She also grabbed a few pieces of bread, it was Gast Bread, made from the grassy leaves of the Gast Trees in her garden.

Baul walked into the room behind Hemlock, she noticed and turned to him,

"Hey, Baul, want some bread with some Cube Fruit Jelly? I made it myself."

Baul declined,

"Suit yourself" Hemlock put the jar and bread slices in a bag and closed it, she placed it over her shoulder.

"Baul, do you mind taking me to The Healer?"

Baul nodded, they walked outside.

Hemlock's hand illuminated her yard. Moths began to come towards her hand,

"Extinguo" her hand turned back to normal and the yard was dark again. Hemlock closed and locked her door with her keys and found Baul again, his red and green eyes lit up and gave a little light, just enough for her to see. The yard was peaceful at night, she had to be wary of Moontids. Moontids are creatures that roam the forest at night, they are normally peaceful until new moons, during new moons they are hostile. They are normally calmed by the moon, but when it's not there, they go crazy.

Baul motioned towards his back and Hemlock climbed on and Baul ran into the forest down the cleared path. The trees darted past both of them as Baul bounded faster and faster into the woods. Hemlock didn't know where she was, within a few minutes, she was lost. 

"Baul, slow down!" she yelled. Baul suddenly screeched to a halt and Hemlock suddenly felt like she was going to vomit. Her vision was spinning and it took her a moment to regain her bearings. Once she did, she noticed the house, it had a light within but it was very faint. She heard howling that sounded close and quickly jumped from the Shuck.

Hemlock approached the door, she was hesitant to knock, she hadn't talked to Lord Brier in months, he would probably be angry at her for not visiting. She knocked anyway, she heard movement inside and the light inside went out. Hemlock felt a twinge of anger and knocked on the door harder,

"Brier, open up" she said with a raised voice. A few seconds later, a lock clicked and the door swung open. Lord Brier was a very tan and very tall man. He was dressed in his green cloak which matched Hemlock's, he seemed angry,

"Lady Hemlock, what a pleasure, especially this late at night" he growled, "Come inside" 

Hemlock hesitantly walked inside past him and he closed the door.

"So what brings you out here?" 

"I felt very strange today, I nearly passed out"

"Please come back with an actual illness"  Brier went to open the door but Hemlock grabbed him by the collar of his cloak. 

"Oh no you don't, why are you refusing to diagnose me?"

"You always come here and I can always pass it off as something normal, you have to remember, us humans all experience slight moments of pain and illness, it's nothing to worry about."

"It scared me, if I were to pass out in the woods and fall asleep, I could be killed or worse, kidnapped!"

"If you need, I could enlist the help of a few of my golems to watch over you" Brier pointed to a corner and there were a bunch of garden gnome sized humanoid figures. They were in a variety of positions and each held the same crest that both Brier and Hemlock had on their cloaks. He walked over to them and picked one up,

"They're all made of titanium and are very light, plus they can carry 10,000 times their own weight"

"It couldn't hurt I guess..." Hemlock walked over and grabbed one, they were light and she could feel the magic deep within them.

"How many do you want?"

"Let's go for three"

"Okay, let me enchant them, vivive metalli quia Lady Hemlock"  

The statue in Brier's hands jumped down and walked towards Lady Hemlock, it looked up at her and sat down on the floor. It was so adorable, it made Lady Hemlock laugh.

"They're so cute"

"I know, okay, I'll enchant the rest" He continued to enchant the other two and Lady Hemlock bent down to talk to her new friend.

"I'll name you, Titan"

The word "Titan" became engraved on its chest and it looked up at Hemlock again. The other two walked towards her from the pile in the corner.

"There you go, Hemlock, hope this solves your problems"

"Yes, I think it will, thank you, Brier!"

"You're very welcome, are you leaving?"

"I was planning on it, yes?"

"Are you sure you don't want to stay the night? Those Moontids can pack a punch, it's safer here"

"I don't want to be a burden"

"Oh, okay, that's fine, at least let me use a teleportation spell on you"

"Okay, I don't mind, go ahead"

Brier raised his hands and said "Ebb evansca" 

A green light shot from his hands and she was gone. 

Brier opened his front door and was greeted by Baul. He had thought they had forgotten about him,

"Hello Baul, I'll bet she'll be looking for you."

Baul cocked his head in confusion, Brier raised his hands once more and teleported Baul away as well.

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