Can't Take A Year

Its a lonely girl and her story about her life. And how she went missing and people are retracing her trails to find her.


2. Part 2

        John try's to grab me but for once in my life i'm stronger. I get up and walk over slowly saying I'm right here just don't hurt them. Then before I know It I was gonna like at the blink of an eye. Then It was cold and black but soft like a car And I was tied up and blind folded. I start rubbing it off my face using the thing I was on. then I could finally see kinda Its still dark I could finally see my taker tho. I was about to say something but his phone rang. He picked it up and starting talk."Yes we have her master she should be out for a little and we are all most there were would you like me to drop her off"."By my room I'll be waiting there". "Yes sir". Them the car came to a stop I faked sleeping as he got out of the car and went to my door and picked me up and carried me all the way there. As we came to a stop a door opened and we walked in/well he did. "Just lay here on the bed"."Yes SIR". He lays me down then leaves me and is gone. I open my eyes all the way when i see him looking at me with is dark yet sun bright blue eyes. "So you are awake" his voice made me want to melt it was so deep and wow. "Yes been awake ever sense the phone call". "well are't you very open" He said with a half smile kinda laughing." ok lets just cut the crap and tell me why I'm here I have that will look for me you know". "one person is not people". "What do you know about me" Then in a blink of a eye he was right in front of my face. I know every thing about you lets just say I'm like your dark angle as he said that with the biggest smile ever and laughing too. So you have been staking me for all my life. "NO" ! A long time ago your mother and father gave you to me as a gift. Oh wow thanks parents lol.     


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