Can't Take A Year

Its a lonely girl and her story about her life. And how she went missing and people are retracing her trails to find her.


3. I'm wanted?

        why there's nothing good or special about me. That's the thing you will be when you tern 18 things will happen to you that only we can help with. LIKE! Don't be scared as I was shaking because i was cold and scared. he then toke off his shirt and gave it to me. Oh wow thanks your shirt. Sorry first thing I thought about taking off. He said that with the biggest smile ever then i smiled. And out of now were I have a very strong erg to kiss him like kiss kiss him. Then with the look on his face so did he. I got up not knowing what happened "um so were can I get some food around here". Come with me we will go get food. He takes me down stairs and his cold as ice hands touch my hand. With a little gasp of surprise he looked at me then that kissing thing happened again. I could not help it I shoved him to the wall and kissed him and he very willingly kissed back then he picked me up and throw me to the wall kiss much better then I do then before it got to busy we got shocked. We both looked at one another in shock of what just happened. Then I walked off not knowing what to say has he was still looking for air to breath he walk after me. Then finally I walked into the biggest kitchen ever it was amazing. Then I when to the frig and fold chicken and fries and I put it in the microwave and ate it away I was really hungry. But then I saw what he was drinking It was red and really thick. He saw my face and said oh blood. After an hour or so of my mouth still open with shock he finally said are you ok. yes I'm fine other then YOU BEING A VAMP. I'm not gonna hurt you your safe. With that I walk up to mine and looked right in his eyes and said I know then kissed him just like how he kissed me then walked away with my food to the room before. 


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