Can't Take A Year

Its a lonely girl and her story about her life. And how she went missing and people are retracing her trails to find her.



        He parents killed there self's. Just when she was 13 and every one bullies her about how they dead because of her. Its been 4 years. Is she better yet? 

        RiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNG as my alarm went off I wake up. I got in my closet and got my black cut up pants ,Asking Alexandria T-shirt ,and my lase up boots. Did my make up and got my bag then my care keys. Got in the car and drove to school. I get there and walk up the steps and go to my hang out behind the school. When I get there my best bud hugged me and said whats up. I don't know why he cares so much hes friends with many other people and yet hes my only friend. oh and its not just a petty ill be your friend its OMG hey BFF. Oh well we sit and smoke a little before school then go to class when the bell rang. He was swapped away from me from his friends. So I walk alone to class I kinda smile because i was thinking about the song. I walk this lonely road the only one I have ever known don't know were it goes but its only me and I walk alone.  RiiiiiiiiiiNG then class starts and me and John sit together. Then just as the teacher get up to talk we hear a door shatter and the alarm go off. then the lights go off. the teacher ran to lock her door. John held me as I was shaking in fear of what would happen. Then there was banging on the door STRONG banging. Not to say no one could see there are no windows in this class room so all we could hear was the banging. Then we hear the handle brake off and the door slowly open and foot steps. then right as he got in front of the class in a corner. The figure Says Were is Alex! I start heavy  breathing. John then said shes not in this class sorry. And the figure said if you mess with me one more time all of you will die now give me her now she belonged to my master she was a gift now rap her in a nice little bow and give her to me NOWWWWWWW.





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