The Insane Diary of Charlotte

The diary of Charlotte as she turns insane.


2. The Beginning

Cold. That was the only word I thought as I walked the empty streets of England. The only sound that was heard was the quick steps of heels hitting the pavement. The streets lamps dimly lit the area, making the alleyways look like the portal to your worst nightmares. I pulled my coat closer to my petite figure as I covered my blood splattered dress. I didn’t know what happened. All I remember was a drunken man and a gun. I started to quicken my footsteps as I heard the police sirens wail. Stepping into an alley, I thought about recent events. There was a time in my head, ticking away. I need to get out of here and fast. I wasn’t going to get anywhere with heels on, so I took them of and threw them behind the dumpster. The cold pavements sent a shiver up my spine and cooled my sore feet. From there on, I ran out of the alleyway and down the cold streets. Without turning back, I knew that this was a new and dangerous beginning for me. But whatever came at me, I’ll be ready.
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