A complicated friendship

Elsa,Alixia,Melanie,Hattie and Orlia have been friends for almost three years and were really close but they've had a few waves throughout the years and this is about the tsunami that has just hit them.


1. Tsunami

Elsa's outfit

Elsa's POV

"I'm leaving then, and I'm pretty sure Alixia won't be far behind me" Hattie said staring at me like I was a pile of crap. 

"And Melanie" Alixia said as quietly as possible.

"Fine bye then" I said, watching them walk away. I stood there and cried until Hattie came over .

"Just because" she started and then said something else that I can't remember "doesn't mean you can take it out on the girls!" She said as the bell went and I ran off to science. 

'I'm not taking it out on the girls,I'm going to take.it.out on Emma in science now's I thought as a walked up the steps. I cried mostly all the way through science and was really annoyed at all of them. That was the day, the day I was finely out, I never thought that it would ever get this far. 

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