A complicated friendship

Elsa,Alixia,Melanie,Hattie and Orlia have been friends for almost three years and were really close but they've had a few waves throughout the years and this is about the tsunami that has just hit them.


3. Head of year hopes


Elsa's POV 

'Wtf is the point in this'll I thought as I walked up the stairs to Mr.D's classroom. 

"I'd like to speak to you individually please girls" Mr. D said. First it was Alixia,then Melanie, Orlia and then me. He spoke to us together after that but we felt that Hattie should be there. I'll never understand Hattie she's a mystery. I looked over at Alixia when we got back to class because I knew that this wasn't going to end well. We didn't speak all half term and the week after. We are speaking now but it's minimal. 

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