The unknown side of the moon

The cold kept getting worse. It didn't help, that I was only wearing sweatpants. My feet were like frozen, and I was shaking all over. The ground felt like rock. "Auch!" I screamed. I had stepped on something sharp. 'A rock?' My eyes had gotten more use to the light, so it was a bit easier to see. But what met my sight... Lets just say that I would rather not have seen this. I saw... Earth! I was on the Moon!

Ryan is an all normal boy, with great friends, a girl he likes, great grades, and he has never done anything real bad. So how come this could happen for him?
One day, he wakes up. Far away from home. Far away from everything.
On the moon. An unknown side of the moon.


3. Underneath the surface

I screamed. I fell, and I didn't wake up. Why didn't I wake up! Then, a moment after, I hit the bottom. But it didn't hurt. It didn't hurt at all. Something soft had saved me from the fall. 'What was this?'​ The soft thing started to glow. A blue light slowly began to shine, and lighted up the cave I apparently was in. Another light started to shine, and another. This went on, till the cave was visible miles ahead. The lights seemed to be a part of the wall.

The little light, which pushed me down here, floated down from above, and stopped right in front of me. There was definitely something in there. In the light. But I couldn't see it without my glasses. ​"Please, help us," the little voice whispered again. "You're the only one who can help us. Follow me." The voice started moving again. 'Help? Help with what?' ​"Wait! you can't just leave me! I have no idea where I am, or what I am doing here! Please! I can't see without my glasses, please, help me." But the light didn't stop. I couldn't just stand here. Either I would die by dehydration, or some kind of unknown disease. So I ran. "Wait for me! Hey!"

The lights went out, so I slowed down. It was pitch-black. The light wasn't visible anymore. I turned around. I was not gonna fall for that trick again. I stepped back, one step at a time. I had to make sure, there were no edge to fall of. Then, there it was again. "We need you to be ready. We need you to see." "Well that's not gonna happen, if I don't wear my glasses!" "You are new. Let us show you. Let us show you our world." The light got brighter. Stronger and stronger. I couldn't see anything. I was like looking right into the sun. I took one more step backwards. Big mistake. I felt the ground disappear underneath my feet.

A substans, was clearly thicker than water, surrounded me. What was this stuff? I reached for the surface, and took a deep breath. I rubbed my eyes, so the unknown substans wouldn't do more damage, than already done. I opened them, and saw a whole other world. This wasn't blurry. This didn't hurt. What happened? The little light was in front of me again. "You can help us. You are our only hope." I could finally see what was inside the light. A tiny female creature. She was golden yellow, had long legs, and her long hair was pulled back by some kind of hair accessory. I had never seen anything like it. It was made out of pure nature. It glowed in a slightly blue color, like the things in the cave. She was gorgeous. And whenever she moved, it looked like she was in water. This was a very strange place. "I am very sorry, madame. But I think you've got the wrong person. I am not some kind of hero. The only thing I am, is clever. I know a lot of stuff, but as dangerous as you make this sound, I don't think I'm your guy." She had made a terrible mistake. Maybe if Jayce had been here, he might could've helped them. He is strong and... Okay, maybe not Jayce, he was probably the most idiotic person I had ever met. He would die within one hour out here. But Luke could definitely had helped them. "You are the chosen," she once again said. "I'm sorry, but I really insist. You have the wrong perso..." "You were the only one to pass the test. You can help us. It is your destiny." Yep, I was a hundred percent certain. They had the wrong person. "Listen. I would love to help you. But the case is. I'm not strong. I can't fight. I have lived the past 17 years of my life, buried in a book. I really can't help you." They were not to convince. "It doesn't matter. You have it in your blood. You passed the test." What test? They were talking in riddles. I didn't understand. "I don't know which test you are talking about, and I am very grateful for you, magically to have fixed my eyes, but there is nothing I can do for you, so, can you please show me the way home. I would really like to go hoooome!" What the..? A lot of the shining creatures floated around me. They grabbed my arms, and my already torn trousers, and lifted me higher and higher. "We are very sorry, master Ryan. But we don't have a choice. You are the only one who can save our world. We can't let you go." I was doomed.


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