The unknown side of the moon

The cold kept getting worse. It didn't help, that I was only wearing sweatpants. My feet were like frozen, and I was shaking all over. The ground felt like rock. "Auch!" I screamed. I had stepped on something sharp. 'A rock?' My eyes had gotten more use to the light, so it was a bit easier to see. But what met my sight... Lets just say that I would rather not have seen this. I saw... Earth! I was on the Moon!

Ryan is an all normal boy, with great friends, a girl he likes, great grades, and he has never done anything real bad. So how come this could happen for him?
One day, he wakes up. Far away from home. Far away from everything.
On the moon. An unknown side of the moon.


5. The prophecy

The lights gently put me down. This was our terminus. As I touched the ground. More blue lights started shining. It was like the streetlights at home. But these seemed to be growing inside the walls, as well as the trees and the celling. "Okay, I have done as you told me to, now I would like some answers." I turned around, but no one was there. Scripts started glowing from the ground. I didn't understand them, but they formed an arrow. 'I guess it's that way'

I walked and walked. I didn't seem to get anywhere. But the arrows pointed that way. Could the scripts have something to do with this? I stopped and sat down by one of the arrows. The scripts seemed to repeat by every arrow, so one was probably enough. But it was no good. I had never seen anything like these scripts. Maybe those lights had given me the power to translate their language as well. I laughed a little by my self. It was silly, but it was worth trying. I mean, what harm could it do?

I concentrated on the scripts, but nothing happened. 'See, no good.' I looked around, to see if one of the lights had been there all the time, but had decided to play a little trick on me. But there were no one. I looked back at the arrow. The scripts had turned into letters. English writing. 'What couldn't I do by now?'

"These were instructions." Not arrows as I know them. "Listen to our voices," I read out loud. "Seek inside and you will find what you are searching for." What was that suppose to mean? I didn't even know what I was seeking for. What was I suppose to concentrate about, if I didn't know what the lights wanted me to find! I had to do something. walking any further wouldn't bring me closer to home.

I closed my eyes, and saw the light in front of me. It was the only thing I could think of. Her long legs, slender neck. Golden hair and her shining light.

The scripts started to glow and gathered together in one big word. 'Find'. I had to look away, not to be blinded by the light. Left was a necklace. The stone was in the same blue shining colour as the rest of this world. I picked it up. What was this? What this suppose to show me the way? A necklace? For one last time I looked around. Looked for a last sign. Right choice. A whole in the wall. The necklace fitted perfectly. As I placed it, the wall seemed to slowly disappear. The necklace fell to the floor, and it was like the wall had never been there.

I stepped into a room. The fireplace was burning beautifully. Almost like it was burning under water. It was almost like stepping into the middle age, just very different. A table made out of the glowing wood, stood in the middle of the room. Bread and what looked like wine, was placed in two ends of the table. It was still hot, so someone must have been there recently.

Then, a little, but quite brawny creature, stepped out of the shadows. I couldn't really see it's face, but it was wearing a coat covered with spikes. In his forehead was placed, what looked like a little gem, glowing blue, just like everything else in this godforsaken world.

"What is this!?" Though the creature only was half my size, his voice was deep and loud like a lion's. He was close now and I still couldn't see his face. It was like the shadows were following him. I blinked once, and suddenly he was gone. I felt an enormous weight on my back, forcing me down on my knees. A sharp blade was pressed to my neck. "Who are you? And how did you get in here?" I was speechless. I tried to form the words with my mouth, but it was like my body wouldn't listen to my mind. I was scared. "What is it, boy? What do you wanna say?" His breath could kill a herd of wildebeests. "I... I..." I couldn't even express a simpel sentence.

"Leave the boy alone, Shrite!" A strong voice came from behind me. The creature let go immediately. As he let go I ended up on the ground and threw up what was left in my almost empty stomach. I turned my head to see what had made the creature let go.

A tall man appeared before my sight. He was wearing a big fur-coat that covered one of his shoulders. The other side was pure muscle. He looked like a human but a mask was covering his face. The mask was covering his eyes which made them glow blue, it formed horns on the top, like a ram. I could see his mouth, which seemed unusually familiar. His hair was dark. I couldn't pinpoint it, but it felt like I knew him.

"He is our guest." The tall man looked at me. "He is the one to fulfill the prophecy." "That little thing! He wouldn't even be able to survive an hour out there!" The little, but dangerous creature raised his voice against the tall man, but he didn't even move as much as an inch. "He is the only one who can defeat him. So says the prophecy. We must protect him, till the day arrives." Shrite complain, but quickly shut it again. What prophecy were they all talking about?Then the little light, who had shown me the way from the start, appeared from behind the tall man's shoulder. "Hej Master Ryan." "Hej little light." I was calmed by her light. It was kind of hypnotising. Then the call for my name took me back to reality. "Ryan?" I reacted to the voice of the tall man, "Y... Yes?" "Ryan Wanch?" He took a step towards me. ​'How does he know my name?' ​I stepped back and he stopped. "Ryan... Is that really you?" He was talking to me like he knew me. "Who are you?" I asked. The man led his hand up to the mask. The blue lights from the eyes went out as he removed the mask from his face. I couldn't believe my own eyes. '...Was alive? My big brother was alive!'

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