The unknown side of the moon

The cold kept getting worse. It didn't help, that I was only wearing sweatpants. My feet were like frozen, and I was shaking all over. The ground felt like rock. "Auch!" I screamed. I had stepped on something sharp. 'A rock?' My eyes had gotten more use to the light, so it was a bit easier to see. But what met my sight... Lets just say that I would rather not have seen this. I saw... Earth! I was on the Moon!

Ryan is an all normal boy, with great friends, a girl he likes, great grades, and he has never done anything real bad. So how come this could happen for him?
One day, he wakes up. Far away from home. Far away from everything.
On the moon. An unknown side of the moon.


4. Escape

'Where were they taking me? If I resisted, I would fall from at least 10 meters. And this time, there were no pond to catch me. Only trees below us.'The lights started to loose height. 'Is this the place they wanted to take me?' We dived deeper into the forrest. The trees were now so close that I could reach out and touch them. I had an idea.

We were still up high, but I could just climb down. I grabbed a branch, and it worked. I got away. Then it hit me. I couldn't climb. I couldn't even pull myself up. I wasn't Luke or Jayce. I was Ryan, little weak Ryan. But I had to get home someway. 'Come on Ryan. You can do this. This is your only chance of getting away.​' I used all my strength, and tried pulling myself up. It was surprisingly easy. What had those creatures done to me? Yesterday, I wasn't even able to do one push-up. Now I could easily do a pull-up! I looked down at myself, and I had a sixpack. I had a freaking sixpack! When did this happen? I could see the lights coming closer. I had to get down. I jumped from branch to branch without a sweat. This was easy.

I finally reached the ground, and I started running. But the lights were faster in the air, than I was on the unknown ground. "Master Ryan. You have to come with us. It's not safe for you out here. This is his land. He will destroy you. He knows what is written. He knows. If he sees you, you can't fulfill your destiny." I stopped. There she goes again. Destiny. I didn't have a destiny. I had a home and a family to go home to. "Stop with this destiny-bullshit!" 'Wow, where did that come from?' "I have told you once. I am not the guy you are looking for!" As I said those words, the leaves from behind started moving, as if someone moved under the ground. "They are here." The light whispered. "Who are here?" "Hurry Master Ryan. We haven't got much time. Finnies!" The lights came floating from every direction. "We are begging you to come with us. We have no hope without you." The light folded her hands, and literally begged me. What should I have done? I had no choice. She was the only one who could show me the way home. "Alright." Her bright light, became even brighter. Like if I had saved her life. " Finnies, grab Master Ryan. Hurry, before they arrive." They all grabbed a hold of me again. And lifted me high up. I looked down, and saw shades of three different creatures. Snake allike, but so far from the snakes I know. I couldn't describe them properly. We were too high up, to see them clearly.

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