The unknown side of the moon

The cold kept getting worse. It didn't help, that I was only wearing sweatpants. My feet were like frozen, and I was shaking all over. The ground felt like rock. "Auch!" I screamed. I had stepped on something sharp. 'A rock?' My eyes had gotten more use to the light, so it was a bit easier to see. But what met my sight... Lets just say that I would rather not have seen this. I saw... Earth! I was on the Moon!

Ryan is an all normal boy, with great friends, a girl he likes, great grades, and he has never done anything real bad. So how come this could happen for him?
One day, he wakes up. Far away from home. Far away from everything.
On the moon. An unknown side of the moon.


2. A light

It was cold. Real cold. Like, if I was outside in the middle of the winter. But it was summer, right? My hand reached for my glasses. But I couldn't find them. I opened my eyes. The world was blurry. I couldn't see properly, because of my missing glasses. The cold kept getting worse. It wasn't any better, that I was only wearing sweatpants. My feet were close to frozen, and I was shaking all over. The ground was cold and tough. "Auch!" I screamed. I stepped on something sharp. 'A rock?'  My eyes had gotten more use to the light, so it was a bit easier to see. But what met my eyes... I'd rather not have seen. The Earth. I was on the Moon!

'Why the hell was I on the Moon!'​ Moreover. 'How could I breathe!?' What was I doing here? Right, this must be a dream. It had to be. I was just suppose to fall, then I would wake up. The feeling of a fall. This always worked. But... if this wasn't a dream, but real? Nah, now I'm just being silly.​

My feet were hard to move. They were heavy, and I had to concentrate every time I took a step, not to fall. Suddenly a little light formed in front of me. 'Was this the end of this nightmare? Was I finally able to wake up?' ​But no. The little light began to move. Left and right, few centimeters from my head. It was like, it was trying to say something. "Help," It suddenly whispered. 'Help..? With what?' ​The light moved forwards, with the speed of light. "Wait! What did you mean by 'help'! Hey! Can you please tell me, why I'm on the moon?"​ But the light didn't stop. I had to run. This was perhaps my only possibility to get away from here.

The gravity here, was much like on Earth, only a bit lighter. I wonder if NASA had ever actually been here? It was nice to run a bit. It warmed me up. At least a little. I could feel my feet again.

Then the light disappeared. A crater? I climbed up. It was hard enough just walking without glasses, but climbing, that was a whole other level of difficulties without glasses.

When I reached the top, I could only see darkness. A bottomless hole. Until the little light appeared from there. It flew above me, like a shooting star, and circled around me till I got dizzy. Then pushed me from behind. And I fell. This was the moment I had been waiting for. A fall that would make me wake up. But I didn't wake up. I just fell.

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