The unknown side of the moon

The cold kept getting worse. It didn't help, that I was only wearing sweatpants. My feet were like frozen, and I was shaking all over. The ground felt like rock. "Auch!" I screamed. I had stepped on something sharp. 'A rock?' My eyes had gotten more use to the light, so it was a bit easier to see. But what met my sight... Lets just say that I would rather not have seen this. I saw... Earth! I was on the Moon!

Ryan is an all normal boy, with great friends, a girl he likes, great grades, and he has never done anything real bad. So how come this could happen for him?
One day, he wakes up. Far away from home. Far away from everything.
On the moon. An unknown side of the moon.


1. Rhea

"Math. Worst subject ever!" Jayce was complaining. "Ryan..?" 'Here it comes'​ "Can you send me your notes? Please? I have football practice today." ​'Why did I hang around these idiots again?' ​My nose detected a certain scent. A known scent. I couldn't help it. I had to look up. It was pure reaction! And there she was. Rhea. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Hair, brown as earth itself, eyes, blue as the darkest ocean. If you looked long enough, I think it was possible to drown.​​

"Ryan? Ryan! Are you staring at her again!" I looked down. "You know you're never gonna get her, right. I mean, she is... She is Rhea, and you're a nerd. You can never fulfill her needs. A girl like her, needs a man. A man who can give her the excitement she needs. A man like me." Luke hit him with the papers, we had from math. They were discussing, but I didn't hear a word. Jayce was right. What did I have to offer her? I mean... Look at me. I wear glasses, my hair is messy, my eye colour; greenish brown. My clothing... Let's not even mention it. I am 1.76, which is actually the best part of me. I was smart, but I had nothing adventurous to offer. Why would she ever choose me?

I looked up, just to see her one more time. Her soft, wavy, brown hair. Who could ever resist that. But though she appeared to have boyfriends all the time, she was quite shy. That was what I liked the most about her. Sure, she liked adventure and excitement, but she had a soft side as well, and I bet she has more of those sides.

I had stared too long. She turned her head, and our eyes met. A shock of electricity found it's way through me. I was paralyzed, so it was impossible to look away. 'What to do? What to do! She must think I'm a freak! A stalker!' ​But she just smiled, and waved with her tiny hand. Then she turned around again. My face was warm. I must have been red all over. "Hey, what's wrong, Ryan? Are you feeling okay?" I broke my trance. "Yeah, why?" "Your face is red all over. Man, you're warm! Did you catch a cold?" "Nah, it's just real hot in here. Don't you think?" Saved. "Hmm, not really," Luke answered. "Maybe it's because you're wearing that big sweater, don't you think?" "Yeah, probably." I laughed. I liked Luke. He wasn't like the others. He was nice to me. He didn't only talk to me, because he wanted to borrow my notes, but to actually talk to me. Actually he had never asked for my notes.​


School was over, and on the way home, I couldn't stop thinking about Rhea's eyes and her smile. This was the first time, we'd ever made contact. I had never gathered any courage to talk to her. I had made a decision. I was going to talk to her tomorrow. No matter what.

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