The Not so Very Significant Journal of a Not so Very Perfect Butler

I "found" this journal on the floor of my young masters study, and there didn't seen to be anything in it. So I decided to jot down everything I see in it. lets see how this goes.


1. Present from Young Master


Year:☐ΟX Month:ΔХ⊲  Day:ΟХ



Yesterday as I cleaned young master’s study, I noticed that he kept on make these weird grunting noises. Every time I turned to look at him he would stop, as if he was holding his breath. He then would look over at me and glare as if to tell me why I stopped. I didn’t think much of it, he’s still a child he could’ve had an upset stomach for all I know, and since he never told me anything I just wrote it off. I didn’t want to ask him and become a nuisance. (I really became attached haven’t I? oh dear) following these thought, Mey-rin walked into young master’s study, I really don’t know how she was able to open the door without falling flat on her face (and lately it has gotten worse.) I turned around and watched her ever so slowly walk towards young master, in her hands she was carrying one of the silver trays and on top of that was a cup of tea. My blood ran cold, the one cup she chose out ALL the cups in the cupboard, she had to take the cup that young master liked the most. I dropped the duster and ran towards Mey-rin, but just as the duster made contact with the ground Mey-rin was on the floor and the cup, the cup sadly was shattered into many tiny pieces (Yes, even we demons aren’t perfect). I felt horrible. As I kneeled down to help Mey-rin up, I heard a small grunt of disapproval. I turned my head and saw young master’s glaring face. I turned back to the mess on the floor as I whispered a few word to Mey-rin dismissing her. I kneeled back down and began picking the glass shards up, turning my head slightly I noticed something under the master’s desk. I stood up and walked over to the desk as the young master gave me a look of confusion, I reached under the desk pulling a small black book, the cover was a matte leather and the pages were tinted a light ivory. I looked over to the young master as his face became a bright crimson. I asked him what this was and he refused to give me an answer. But after asking him the eighth time. He told me that he brought this journal for me.


It really made me happy, so I’m going to use it to the fullest 

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